Utilizing World-class Equipment
and Unique Technical Capabilities

From melting/casting to rolling and heat treatment, from rolling to pre-painting, from brazing to welding,
we manufacture high-quality products using manufacturing processes under sophisticated control.

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High-end & leading market Guide Production

Our operational process excellence lays the foundation for continuous improvement and guarantees controlled production conditions. This is essential for us to maintain a reliable partnership with you.

Casting Technologies

Aluminum raw material is melted with different types of alloy elements (magnesium, silicon, copper, etc.) and gas and inclusions are removed from the molten metal to cast slabs.

aluminum casting
hot rolling line
Six-high cold rolling mill

Rolling Technologies

After heating a slab, hot rolling is performed. In rolling, the plate gauge and flatness are minutely controlled to produce high-quality plate of extremely high dimensional tolerance.

Hot Rolling Line

1+3 high speed continuous hot rolling mill can greatly reduce energy consumption and cost, and speed up the production efficiency. Because of its strong rolling force, the aluminum billet can be rolled directly from the thickness of 800mm to 3.5mm hot rolled aluminum plate stock.

Six-high cold rolling mill

The six-high reversible cold rolling mill can effectively control the flatness and stability of the finished aluminum plate & sheet shape, and effectively improve the thinning and edge cracking of the aluminum coil.

Heat treatment and Finishing Technologies

With heat-treated alloys, heat treatment processes are carried out to produce the characteristics required. These include quenching (solution treatment) to strengthen the material, tempering (again treatment). Our highly rated aircraft materials and other materials that we manufacture with these technologies fulfill extremely high quality requirements.

Heat furnace

Heating Furnace for Quenching

After rolling, quench hardening(solution treatment) is carried out to strengthen the material. Plates with a maximum thickness of 350mm and maximum width of 3,000mm are heat-treated.

Large-scale Stretcher

Generating up to 5,600 tons of tensile capacity and homogenizing residual stress.

Brazing Technologies

Brazing is a high-end joining technique because it results in parts with extremely strong connections and no residual corrosive agents. It is a process in which two or more aluminum alloy sheet ingots are joined together with a filler alloy metal that has a lower melting point than the aluminum alloy metal. The filler metal, also known as brazing alloy, is pulled into the closely fitting parallel surfaces of the aluminum sheet by capillary phenomena. The brazing process is characterized by uniform heating, tight temperature control, no post-cleaning process, and good process repeatability.

coating line

Coating & Pre-painting Technologies

Innovative improvements based on imported foreign high-grade coating production lines make our equipment suitable for the full set of production processes of high-end coating processes, and can carry out the production processes of new polymer coatings and PolySurlyn. The supporting equipment is abundant, including three-color printing production line, embossing and corrugation production line, and insulation board production line.

Welded tubing Technologies

Our welded tubes ensure the welding seam is full, no oil stains, pressure injuries, or depressions on the surface; no solder deposits on the welding seam, and no cracks on the end surface.Independently developed flexible mold can have a quick delivery of a variety of specifications for customers, and custom tubing solutions to fit your unique tubing needs.

coating line

R&D and Technology centers

The basis for innovation Focus on R&D ensures that we continue to develop new products. In addition to bringing in experts in our domestic materials laboratory, we are also active in a variety of R&D projects with R&D and technology centers around the world.

Environment, Health and Safety Management System

We have a comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management system, with all manufacturing facilities certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standards and internationally recognized health, safety and quality standards.

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