HF Welded Aluminum Tubes-certificate

HF Welded Aluminum Tubes For Your Radiators,
Charge Air Coolers and Condenser

Superior strength, Performance, and Cost-efficiency

Very Compact Size

Drastically Reduced Weight

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    High Frequency Seam-welded Aluminum Tube

    Metal strip gauges as thin as 0.25 mm

    Profiles from 11 mm to 48 mm in tube height

    Multiple-chambered, dimpled, and end-free tube technologies

    Seam-welded Tubing line

    Oval Aluminum Radiator tubes

    Hourglass Aluminum radiator tube

    Folding Aluminum tubes For Heat Exchangers

    Aluminum Rectangular Tubing For Charge Air Cooldr

    Aluminum Round pipe For Condenser

    Servicing For

    HF Welded Aluminum Tubes-servicing
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