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1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx Aluminium Circles
Suited for deep drawing and spinning applications
Custom center holes for your applications

Why Choose HD METAL Aluminium Circles

Your Aluminium Circles Specialist
Owing to a trusted supply network, we make unique Discs (DC & CC Quality) with optimal performance for specific requirements.
Short Lead Time
Depending on the maximum use of the aluminum discs, we always have raw materials in stock and can complete delivery in a short time according to your order.
Value-Added Delivery
We add free accessories to orders before shipment, amounting to 10% of the total order volume. We can also include additional documents like Company Profiles, test reports, and so forth.
Long-term Partnership
We value every customer, no matter how big or small your order is. Our voice doesn’t stop when we get your payment smoothly.
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Find Aluminium Circles For Your Applications

1100 Aluminium Circle for
Aluminum Pot
1100 Aluminum Circle for 
Kitchen Cookware
1100 Aluminum Circle for
Non-stick Pan
1100 Aluminum Circle for
1060 Aluminum Circle for
1060 Aluminum Circle for
Deep-drawing cooking pot
1060 Aluminum Circle for
1060 Aluminum Circle for
3003 Aluminium Circle for
Aluminum Pan
3003 Aluminium Circle for
Cook utensils
Aluminium Induction Circle
3003 Aluminium Circle for
Water heater shells

Capacity and Product Capability

Annual Abilities 30,000 Ton
DC & CC Processed Aluminium Circles/ Discs
Strict quality control and rigorous quality testing standards
Paper interleave and PE/PVC can be applied upon request
Available Standards: ASTM B209, ASTM SB 221, EN573, and EN485.
Flat-rolled Aluminum Metal Products-certificate
1050 / 1060 / 1100
0.30mm – 10.0mm
60mm – 1200mm
Aluminum Materials
Mill finished / Non-stick Coated
Delivery time
5-7 days for stocks, Non-stock will take 30 days
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