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1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx series, and 6061 alloy Aluminum Checker Plate, Aluminum Tread Plate / Diamond Plate
Available Surface: Mill Finish Or Mirror Finish
5 Bar, Stucco embossed, Diamond, 2 Bar multiple patterns available

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Aluminum checker plate, also called aluminum tread plate, aluminum diamond plate, are often used in fire trucks, tool trucks and bathrooms as non-slip aluminum floor plate.
HDM mainly produces aluminum checker plate and aluminum tread plate in the 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx series, and 6061 alloy. To fully reflect the non-slip function of the aluminum flooring sheet, the bar height of Tread & Diamond & Checker pattern is usually beyond expectation in order to meet your requirements.
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Capacity and Product Abilities

Available Alloy
Available Alloy
0.5mm – 6.0 mm
200mm – 1800mm
Manufacturing technique
Manufacturing technique
Direct Casting & Hot rolling
Continues Casting rolling
Annual Capacity
Available pattern
5 bar embossed (big 5 bar & small 5 bar)
Stucco embossed
Diamond/checker plate
Cedar embossed
Surface treatment
Surface treatment
Embossed mill finish
Bright mirror finish
EN 485-3/4
GB/T 3618-2006

Find Out Pattern For Your Aluminum Checker Plate At HDM

5 bar embossed

Embossed Aluminum Sheet

(Large five bar & small five bar)
The pattern of small five-bar pattern aluminium plate is 1 cm to 2 cm smaller than that of large five-bar pattern aluminium plate.
diamond plate

Aluminium Checker plate/Aluminum Diamond Plate

Similar as the five – bar embossed aluminium plate is generally used as anti-skid and decorative effect.
Stucco embossed

Aluminium Stucco embossed coil and sheet

This product has an appearance similar to that of an orange peel, hence its name “orange peel pattern aluminum plate”. It is commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, and packaging.
Cedar embossed

Embossed Cedar Aluminium Coil and Sheets

This is a custom pattern for our European and American customers, primarily used in pipe or groove water systems.

Customize the Specification and Pattern For Your Niche Projects

4x8 Aluminum tread plate

4x8 sheets for Aluminium Diamond plate

The most popular size for Aluminum diamond plate is 4×8 sheets. At HDM, we offer Aluminum checker plate in general sizes and bulk quantities. We also offer cutting services for non-standard size Aluminum floor plates according to your requirements, and provide bulk products.

Other patterns and custom patterns for Aluminium tread plate

HDM not only supplies the common aluminum tread plate used in the market, but also fulfills niche market demands such as 2-bar, 3-bar, and bean-embossed aluminum tread plate for its customers.

2 bar aluminium diamond plate

3 bar aluminium diamond plate

Bean polish aluminium diamond plate

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