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With 1800mm wide continuous casting and rolling and 2650mm wide 1+3 hot rolling, HDMM manufactured aluminum coils in the 1xxx-8xxx alloy series to service a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical, and construction service.
At HDMM, your aluminium coil supplier, we deliver aluminum coils as the final product and can supply semi-finished materials to downstream manufacturers for the production of aluminum foil products, coated aluminum coils, aluminum roll, decorative strips, solar Aluminum strips, aluminum foil for batteries, bottle cap stock, can cap stock, PS plate base materials, etc.
With more than 20 years experience in flat-rolled aluminium industry, we manufacturer and supply aluminium coil to meet your niche market.
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High Quality Aluminum Coil By Alloy

1100 Aluminium Coil
With an aluminum content of 99% or more, 1100 aluminum coil is used for processing parts that require good formability and high corrosion resistance but do not require high-strength components, such as printing plates, nameplates, and reflective appliances.
3003 Aluminium Coil
3003 aluminum coil is used for processing parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, good weldability, and higher strength than 1XXX series alloys.
3005/3105 Aluminium Coil
3005 aluminum coil is about 20% stronger than alloy 3003. It is often coated and used for architectural and decorative materials, as well as in air conditioners, refrigerators, underneath cars, and other wet environments.
5052 Aluminium Coil
5052 aluminum coil is the star product. It has good forming and processing properties and is generally further rolled and used in manufacturing aircraft fuel tanks, fuel pipes, and sheet metal parts for vehicles and ships.
5754 Aluminium Coil
5754 aluminum coil, after different heat treatment temper, is the primary material used in automotive manufacturing (car doors, molds, seals), can making industry.
6061 Aluminium Coil
Alloy 6061 is delivered as aluminum coils, generally in “F” or “O” Temper. It must be further rolled and heat treated to have a broader range of applications.
8011 & 8079 Aluminium Coil
8011 & 8079 Aluminium Coil
HDMM supplies 8011 aluminum coil as a raw material for aluminum foil, which is usually used as the final product.
More than just offering special attention to quality and a superior record for on-time delivery, as aluminum coil suppliers, HDM remains committed to ensuring that the product you choose is engineered to match your exact needs and demands.
In addition to our standard aluminum coil materials, we also offer a complete suite of processing and fabrication services, including printing, coating, anodizing, slitting, sheeting and embossing.

Supply Aluminum Coil By Surface Treatment

Pre-painted Aluminum Coil

Pre-painted Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coils are cleaned, chrome plated, roll coated, baked, and coated with colored paint to become painted aluminum coils, resulting in a hard, abrasion resistant coating, yet allowing for a wide range of molding and fabrication flexibility on the surface. It is mainly used for architectural decoration, pipe insulation, etc.
Embossed Aluminum Coil

Embossed Aluminum Coil

After being rolled by embossing rolls, bare aluminum coils with embossed patterns can be deep-produced as aluminum checker plates and aluminum tread sheets with various patterns.
Anodized Aluminum Coil

Anodized Aluminum Coil

Aluminum coils oxidized by electrolyte have excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish and are suitable for housing material ideal for some high-grade electronic products.

Aluminum Coil By Stock Raw Materials

Aluminum Coil Stock

HDMM can produce aluminum coil stock that can be re-rolled by downstream manufacturers to make thinner, better surface quality aluminum coils for their end use. You can also make the Aluminum roll.

Aluminum Foil Stock

HDMM can provide you with foil blanks that meet the technical specifications based on the performance of the final foil product.

HDM is Your Aluminum Coil Supplier

It is important to note that the selection of the right alloy for an aluminum coil is directly dependent on the specific use case.
Before purchasing any aluminum coil, it is critical to understand the specific strains the material will face during use. Properties to look for include:

Capacity and Product Capability

Available Alloy
Available Alloy
0.2 mm – 12.0 mm
10 mm – 2650 mm
Manufacturing technique
Manufacturing technique
Direct Casting & Hot rolling
Continues Casting rolling
Processing service
Processing service
GB/T 3880
Interior diameter
Interior diameter
Surface treatment
Surface treatment
Powder coated
Color Painted
Mirror finish
Mill finish
Coil Weight
80 – 8000kg
Don’t See what you are looking for, please send inquiry to your Aluminum specialist.

At HDM, your aluminum coil supplier, we have a complete set of
high-tech automatic finishing processing to ensure your
high precision aluminium coil demands and a variety of rich size available.

Finishing rolling line

Finishing rolling line


It can be rolled into 6mm hot rolled coil to the thinest 0.1mm finished Aluminum roll.

Slitting line

Slitting line


High-speed slitting line processing the thickness of the Aluminum coil is 0.1-3.0mm, the width is 350-1650mm, and the speed is 0-480 m/min.It can be rolled into a 6mm hot-rolled coil to the thinnest 0.1mm finished Aluminum roll.

High-bay Storage

High-bay Storage


From transportation to rolling to packaging, the high-bay storage system realizes the rapid switching and operation of each production and processing link of aluminum coil manufacturing. It greatly reduces production time and saves space.

Recoiling & Edge Trimming line

Recoiling & Edge Trimming line

UNGERER –Germany

Cut the edge of the aluminum coil and strip and grease it into rolls. The rewinding and trimming machine is used for the rewinding and straightening machine to improve the shape of the aluminum coil.

Packaging line

Packaging line

Natural cooling awaits packaging

Natural cooling awaits packaging

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You might want something more about Aluminum Coil.

What is the Aluminum Coil?
Aluminum coil is the most important rolled aluminum product. The common aluminum sheet & plate, the Aluminum roll is usually made of aluminum coil cutting. As an important Aluminum raw material of industrial, commercial, and consumer products, aluminum coils can be used in air conditioners, automobiles, airplanes, furniture, structural parts, and many other products.
What's the difference between Hot rolled Aluminum coil and Continues casting coil?

Different applicable alloys

Due to the different strengths of each alloy series and the rolling force of the continuous casting and the rolling machine is limited, the alloy series suitable for continuous casting and rolling are only: 1, 3, 8 series. The hot rolling process can produce hot rolled aluminum rolls of all alloys because of its strong rolling force at high temperatures.

Different uses

Cold-rolled aluminum coil & roll is mostly used in mold class and other general industrial and decorative use., the hot-rolled aluminum coil is suitable for stamping and deep drawing that industries required.

The difference in performance

The hot-rolled aluminum coil has a more uniform surface quality and better comprehensive performance and has stronger mechanical properties and ductility, which is suitable for further surface anodized.
What's the key properties for High precision & quality aluminum coil?


In order to secure subsequent continuous Aluminum sheeting process, sheet material must be even, flat and free from buckles, swellings etc such that is able to entirely touch down to a flat surface when laid out with no stress applied.

Unflatness magnitude shall not exceed 10 I-Unit. To be able to calculate I-Unit magnitude, wave height and wave length will be measured (see fig.1) according to EN or ASTM standard and I-Unit= (π/2.h/L)2x105 formulation will be used for calculation; where "H" is wave height, "L" is wave length and π is the mathematical constant.

Side view of wave height and length

Figure 1. Side view of wave height and length

Maximum crossbow value (H/W) of 5 mm/1.000 mm is permitted (see fig.2). Lateralbow (fig. 3) shall not exceed 2 mm/2.000 mm whereas 4 mm/1.000 mm coilset magnitude is the maximum allowable limit. Measurements will be conducted in accordance with EN 485-4.

Schematic illustration of crossbow

Figure 2. Schematic illustration of crossbow

Depiction of lateral flow (top view)

Figure 3. Depiction of lateral flow (top view)

Surface Quality

Since the visual appearance of finished products is of high importance in terms of both aesthetic and functionality points of view, surface of the aluminum coil to be does have to have a high degree of clean lines and purity. Thus, existence of oxides, segregations, holes, stains, water stains, oil stains, scratches, bubbles, roll marks, chatter marks, orange peeling, color differences or any kind of impurity is not accepted. Incidents like grain growth or appearance difference etc. On surface are not tolerable in case they adversely affect the visual quality of finished product. Surface must be uniform.

Surface dirtiness, which is composed of both organic and inorganic (oil, smudge, oxide etc.) constituents, shall not go beyond 20 mg/m2 (sum of both surfaces). Measurement of dirtiness is carried out by weighing a sample with a certain surface area before and after cleaning with an appropriate solvent. Scale to be used shall have a precision of 0,1 mg at least. Difference of before and after weighings is divided by the surface area of the specimen to obtain dirtiness level.

Winding Quality

Loose winding is not condoned. Axial shifting of layers (see fig. 4) and telescoping over the whole coil are not permitted. (see fig. 5).

Axial shifting

Figure 4. Axial shifting


Figure 5. Telescoping

Edge Quality

Due to extreme length of continuous coil flattening line strip breaks, which always leads to long downtime causing substantial amount of yield loss, are not bearable at all.Therefore, coils having dents either on the sides or on the surface are not acceptable in order to prohibit breaks.Similarly edge cracks and edge build-up defects are not tolerable due to aforementioned reason and also they further likely to cause roll damage.


Packaging must be done in a manner that prevents coils from corrosion, external effects and atmospheric conditions. Sufficient amount of desiccant must be properly placed in the package in order to prevent oxidation resulting due to the possible condensation of the moisture in the package.

Coils can be placed “eye to wall” or "eye to sky"position on wooden palette. Wooden palettes must be able to protect coils from damages, while lifting and delivering operations with crane or forklift.

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