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3003 & 3105 with Polyester & PolySurlyn Moisture Barrier
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Aluminum roll jacketing is a protective covering that is used on insulated pipes, tanks, and vessels to prevent damage and improve energy efficiency.
It is made from aluminum sheets that are precision cut and rolled to fit tightly around the insulation. The Aluminum insulation sheet enhances the insulation’s performance by providing a barrier against moisture, UV rays, and mechanical damage.
At HDM, we take pride in producing high-quality Aluminum Roll Jacketing made primarily from premium alloys 3003 and 3105, all of which conform to the rigorous ASTM B-209 standard.
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Product Abilities

Available Alloy
Available Alloy
0.4mm ~ 1.2mm
Manufacturing technique
Moisture barrier
Surface treatment
Stucco embossed
3/16 Corrugated
Processing service
Flattened to insulation sheet
Slitting to small roll

Different Thicknesses of Aluminum Jacketing
For Your Project

016" (0.4mm)

Recommended for pipelines up to 24″ O.D. that include insulation. Offers protection to piping, vessels, and tanks with a diameter less than 8ft.

020" (0.5mm)

Recommended for insulation lines up to 36″ O.D., including insulation that protects towers, vessels, and tanks with a diameter greater than 8ft.

024" (0.6mm)

– Used in areas where extra strength and protection are required.

032" (0.8mm)

Used for areas that require extra protection, or in custom fabrication of box covers, tank heads, or heavy wear areas.

Find Out the Suitable Moisture Barrier
For Your Insulation Projects

Epoxy & Polyester & Fluorocarbon

A moisture barrier is coated with 25-75 um of epoxy, polyester, or fluorocarbon coatings. The coated aluminum finish can be resistant to atmospheric corrosion, especially in exposed and acidic or alkaline conditions.
HDM Products’ Polyester Painted Sheet and Jacketing provide cost-effective protection for exterior applications. First, bare aluminum is physically and chemically cleaned, then primer (conversion) coated, and finally top-coated with a proprietary composite polyester resin paint that has excellent resistance to UV.
Three-layer coextrusion coating technology with composite Polyester.
Insulation, super anti-corrosion, long service life
Applicable to petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and other areas need high-intensity anti-corrosion and insulation requirements
Insulation System


Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier (PSMB) is a three-layered polymer film with a thickness of 3-4.5 mil (30-45um). The moisture barrier is heat and pressure bonded to the inner aluminum surface.
The moisture barrier agent helps prevent electrochemical corrosion caused by contact between dissimilar metals in a humid environment, or chemical corrosion caused by installing plates on damp insulation materials.
Polysurlyn aluminum jacketing

Why PolySurlyn(PSMB) is the Best?

Non-removable polymer film
No pinholes
Multilayer film
Very low water vapor permeability
Very low water absorption
Tough and scratch-resistant, durable
Very low flammability
Very suitable for metal substrates
Can be used for all metal types

Find Out the Suitable Aluminum Surface
For Your Insulation Projects

Smooth Aluminum jacketing


This is a standard finish and the most widely used type of aluminum jacketing. The surface of the insulation jackets has a smooth finish that is easily scratched and less resistant to staining, as it is the natural finish state of the aluminum coil.

stucco embossed aluminum jacketing

Stucco embossed

Stucco embossed aluminum jacketing surface has become a popular choice for various engineering constructions in recent years. This is due to the stucco relief surface increasing the surface area of the aluminum, thereby enhancing its rigidity and strength to a considerable extent. Moreover, the embossed aluminum surface makes it more resistant to general scuff marks, adding to its durability and longevity as a building material.


Due to its physical structure, the corrugated surface allows the corrugated jacketing sheet to expand and contract, accommodating displacements caused by movement of the pipe insulation. It is also a popular choice for tank insulation sheets. The corrugated finish also provides a dramatic increase in rigidity and strength, making it ideal for jacketing large diameter pipelines, tank insulation, and vessels up to 8 feet in diameter.

Why HDM is Your Aluminum Jacketing Specialist

At HDM Insulation Systems, we ensure that all our bare and polyfilm lined Aluminum Jacketing meets the standards set forth by ASTM C1729, which includes requirements for strength and chemical composition to comply with ASTM B209 (Aluminum Alloy Standard).

Customized Aluminum Jacketing

From the pipeline that goes from cold to hot, from the outdoor natural gas pipeline to the indoor tank insulation, we can give you the most sincere advice on aluminum jacketing based on the complex environmental conditions faced by the insulation system. This will prevent electroplating and pitting/corrosion of the insulation system caused by water ingress into the moisture barrier of the aluminum jacketing, save energy, prevent surface condensation, and prevent contact burns.
Contact aluminum jacketing specialists to start customizing the aluminum jacketing that suits your project needs!

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