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Reflective aluminum sheets are widely used in industries such as automotive, construction, packaging, HVAC, and more. They are appreciated for being versatile, durable, and lightweight.
With our extensive experience in providing top-notch reflective aluminum sheets, HDM understands the specific needs of various industries and provides customized solutions to fulfill every requirement.
Aluminum Strip

Precision Aluminum Strip Overview

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Aluminum Strip Capacity and Product Abilities

Available Alloy
Available Alloys
Width Range
15mm – 1650mm
Thickness Range
0.1mm – 6.0mm
Surface treatment
Surface treatment
Mill finish
Mirror finish
Brushed finish
Embossed Diamond finish
Manufacturing Standards
ASTM-B 209
EN 573 & 485
GB/T – 2880

Types of Aluminum Strip

Mill Finish Aluminum Strips
Anodized Aluminum Strips
Painted Aluminum Strips
Uncoated aluminum strips with the natural surface finish direct from the rolling mill, ideal for electrical and industrial applications where corrosion resistance and conductivity are priorities.
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Anodizing produces an oxide layer on the surface that increases corrosion and wear resistance, with color options to suit architectural and automotive applications.
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Notable for its good workability, corrosion resistance, and weldability, 5052 is often used in fuel tanks, sheet metal work, and other applications where forming is required.
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Mirror Finish Aluminum Strips
Embossed Diamond Aluminum Strips
Brushed Aluminum Strips
A highly polished mirror surface created through buffing maximizes reflectivity, making mirror aluminum ideal for lighting, solar reflection, and decorative accents.
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Embossed diamond pattern aluminum strips are pressed with a diamond plate pattern that provides an anti-slip surface ideal for walkways, ramps, and foot traffic areas needing increased traction and slip resistance.
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Brushed aluminum has a uniform satin finish with fine lined texture that provides modern styling, durability, and scratch resistance for consumer electronics and appliances.
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Alloys of Aluminum Strip

1000 Series – Excellent corrosion resistance, ductility and conductivity make this suitable for chemical equipment, solar panels and electrical parts. Such as 1100, 1050, 1070.

3000 Series – Features good strength, workability and corrosion resistance for applications like truck bodies, trailer siding and chemical containers. Popular alloys are 3003, 3105.

5000 Series – Known for good resistance to corrosion and marine environments, used for boat hulls and other marine hardware. Popular alloys are 5052, 5005, 5754.

6000 Series – The most widely used alloy is 6061, offers medium to high strength coupled with good formability and corrosion resistance. Common applications include truck and marine components.

Aluminum Strip Applications

Aluminum strip finds extensive applications across industries:

Automotive Industry

Used for heat shields, trim, nameplates, body panels and other parts where light weight and corrosion resistance are required.

Marine Industry

Build boat hulls, decks, masts, or even offshore structures like oil rigs, platforms, and pipelines.

Construction Industry

Aluminum strip is used for flashing, siding, gutters, and roofing due to weather and corrosion resistance. Provides an attractive finish.

Consumer Goods

Useful for appliances, cooking utensils, furniture, luggage and various household goods needing a polished or brushed metal finish.

Electrical Industry

Aluminum strip is the material of choice for bus bars, capacitors, insulation, cables and other electrical parts where conductivity is paramount.

Why Choose HDM?

Choosing HDM for your aluminum strip requirements provides unmatched advantages:

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Construction Industry

Timely Delivery

Cost Competitive Prices

Professional Services

Customization and Services

HDM provides fully customized aluminum strip solutions:

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What are the advantages of aluminum strip?

Aluminum strip provides benefits like high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, conductivity, reflectivity and recyclability. It is easy to fabricate and suitable for diverse applications.

What industries use aluminum strip?

Key industries using aluminum strip include automotive, marine, construction, consumer goods and electrical due to its versatile properties.

What alloys and finishes of aluminum strip are available?

Popular alloys include 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series in multiple finishes like mill, anodized, painted, mirror polish and brushed.

Does HDM provide customized aluminum strip?

Yes, HDM is known for its expertise in customized aluminum strip. They offer various alloys, dimensions, tolerances, and finishes based on customer requirements.

Why choose HDM as an aluminum strip supplier?

HDM provides superior quality products meeting international standards along with cost-competitive pricing, timely delivery, professional services and unmatched customization capabilities.
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