High Precision Aluminum Products For Your Applications Demands

At HDM, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of high-tech industries and exploring new application areas. Our extensive experience in the aluminum processing industry allows us to offer you a complete range of rolled aluminum alloy materials and other aluminum products that are of the highest precision and consistent quality.

Trust us to deliver the best suitable Aluminum materials for your applications.



With the rapid evolution of lightweight and new energy vehicles, aluminum, a high value-added metal material, has been convincingly validated for its application in the automotive industry.
From all-aluminum bodies to structural parts, HDM is committed to monitoring the market and providing materials with excellent performance as a solid foundation for customers’ subsequent mass and stable production.


With the significant progress in aerospace technology, HDM has been providing high-strength alloys, high-precision wires, plates, and bars for the aerospace industry.
The 2000 Series and 7000 Series alloys, which achieve higher strength through heat treatment, are frequently used. Additionally, the Alclad 2024 alloy, made by cladding 2024 alloy with pure aluminum, is also frequently used.


Aluminum is widely used in the marine industry.HDM’s 5083 and 5086 aluminum marine plates are certified by Lloyd’s Register(LR), the American Bureau of Shipping(ABS), Det Norske Veritas(DNV), and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(ClassNk).


If you are looking for a supplier that offers more variety, long-lasting materials, and excellent surface colors, look no further than HDM.


From 3C electronic products to kitchenware, HDM continually iterates our products to meet evolving consumer demands while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
Our range of alloys, specifications, and aluminum materials deep processing products not only satisfy current market needs, but also cater to future niche markets.


HDM’s metal materials endure harsh corrosion conditions in oil and gas equipment and pipelines, ensuring long-term stability.
Our materials offer precision and strength for oil tankers, fuel tanks, and pipeline insulation, while providing superior corrosion protection.


From cans to aluminum foil lunch boxes, HDM’s aluminum packaging materials always ensure a complete barrier against moisture, light, and oxygen, thereby maintaining the quality and safety of the items packaged within while requiring only minimal raw materials.

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