Aluminium Application in Automotive Industry

The use of aluminum in automobiles and commercial vehicles is accelerating because it offers the fastest, safest,
most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to increase performance, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions
while maintaining or improving safety and durability.

Forms of Automotive Aluminium

From aluminum sheets for car bodies to aluminum tubes for car radiators, HDM has the ability to provide various forms of materials including aluminum sheets, aluminum profiles, aluminum rods, and aluminum products for deep processing in the automotive industry, thanks to our extensive experience in the aluminum industry and serving multiple automotive manufacturers.

Your Trusted Supply Chain Partner

Automobile manufacturing is a systematic and precise process. We can provide professional suggestions on alloys and material production processes based on your application needs.

Why is Aluminum used in cars?

Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity. This makes it ideal for manufacturing components like engines and brake systems that require heat dissipation. Its ability to quickly dissipate heat improves the performance and durability of cars.

Compared to steel, aluminum alloy has a lower density. This makes it an ideal material for manufacturing body panels, engine components, braking systems, suspension systems, and other parts, as it can significantly reduce the total weight of the car. Additionally, compared to traditional cast iron materials, aluminum alloy has higher strength and stiffness, providing better performance and safety.

Aluminum materials are recyclable. Compared to traditional cast iron materials, aluminum alloys have a higher recycling rate and value. Therefore, they can better protect the environment and conserve resources.

What type of Aluminum is used in car?

Aluminum plate

Aluminum plate is used to manufacture body panels,doors, engine hoods, trunk lids, and other components. It is characterized by its light weight and high strength, which can reduce the weight of the car and improve fuel economy and performance.

Aluminum coil

Aluminum coil is used to manufacture body panels, doors, engine hoods, and other components. Compared with aluminum plate, aluminum coil is more flexible and can better adapt to the curved surface of the car body.

Aluminum bar

Aluminum bar is used to manufacture suspension systems, steering systems, and other components of automobiles. It has high strength and stiffness, which can improve the performance and safety of automobiles.

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Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile is used to manufacture door frames, roofs, and other components of automobiles. It has excellent forming performance, can produce complex shapes, and also has high strength and stiffness.

Aluminum tube

Aluminum tube is used to manufacture radiators, air conditioners, and other components of automobiles. It has good thermal conductivity, which can dissipate heat faster, thereby improving the performance and durability of automobiles.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is used to manufacture sound insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, and other components of automobiles. It has excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation performance, which can improve the comfort and performance of automobiles.





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