Aluminum Packaging Materials

Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in the packaging industry due to their excellent properties, such as moisture-proofing, anti-oxidation, and corrosion resistance, as well as their plasticity and lightweight advantages.
HDM has the capacity to process aluminum into thin sheets, foils, pipes, and other shapes and sizes that are used to manufacture various packaging containers and materials, such as aluminum boxes, cans, bags, and foils.
In the food, medicine, and cosmetics industries, aluminum packaging containers are commonly used for products such as coffee, drugs, milk powder, and chewing gum. These containers provide excellent protection against light, oxidation, water vapor, and microorganisms while preserving the aroma, taste, and nutritional content of the products.
Aluminum foil is also a popular packaging material that can be made into various shapes, including boxes, bags, and sealing films, due to its flexibility and plasticity.
Aluminum packaging also has good barrier properties, preventing the penetration of substances such as oxygen, water vapor, and oil, which helps to maintain the quality and shelf life of the products.

High-level Airtight Aluminum Foil Serves Your Packaging Applications

Aluminum foil is a thin material made by processing aluminum coils to a thickness between 0.005mm and 0.2mm through rolling. Due to its excellent properties of being a barrier, conducting electricity, and being malleable, aluminum packaging with its market usage still increasing.

Food packaging

Food-grade aluminum foil can be used to package a variety of foods, such as candy, chocolate, coffee, milk powder, biscuits, meat, and more. The packaging effectively preserves the aroma, taste, and nutritional components of food while also preventing the penetration of oxygen, water vapor, and microorganisms.

Pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminum foil can be used to manufacture drug packaging, such as tablets, capsules, oral liquids, and external use drugs. The packaging provides good sealing and barrier properties, which can effectively protect drugs from light, oxidation, and water vapor, thereby maintaining the stability and efficacy of drugs.

Tobacco packaging

Aluminum foil can be used to package various tobacco products, such as cigarettes and cigars. The packaging helps to protect the taste, aroma, and quality of tobacco products while also reducing the release of harmful substances.
Packaging Applications

Industrial packaging

Generally, laminated aluminum foil is used for the packaging of industrial products, such as automotive parts and electronic components. The packaging provides protection against light, water vapor, corrosion, and mechanical damage for these industrial products.

Other packaging

Aluminum foil can also be used to package other products, such as cosmetics, household items, and gifts. The packaging enhances the overall appearance of these products while also effectively protecting them.






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