2024 Aluminum vs 6061 Aluminum

2024 Aluminum vs 6061 Aluminum
By HDM Team
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When choosing between 2024 and 6061 aluminum alloys, HDM suggests you consider your project’s needs carefully. The 2024 alloy is ideal for aerospace projects due to its high strength and fatigue resistance, but it’s less weldable and more prone to corrosion.
On the other hand, 6061 is versatile with excellent weldability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for construction and recreational equipment. This comparison aims to guide you in selecting the appropriate alloy for your specific application.

2024 Aluminum Overview

2024 Aluminum Sheet
2024 aluminum alloy , celebrated for its high strength-to-weight ratio. Its copper content lends significant strength, making it a go-to material for aerospace needs, though it often needs a clad surface for protection.
This alloy showcases high ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and fatigue resistance, but is not suitable for welding. It’s widely used in manufacturing truck wheels, aircraft parts, gears, and pistons, owing to its excellent machinability and workability.

6061 Aluminum Overview

6061-T6 Aluminum sheets
6061 aluminum alloy stands out for its impressive strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance, attributed to its magnesium and silicon composition. Its excellent shear and fatigue strength make it a favorite for challenging applications.
This alloy forms a protective oxide layer in air or water, enhancing its corrosion resistance. It is versatile, and used in aircraft parts, bicycle frames, marine fittings, electrical connectors, and decorative hardware, benefiting from easy machining and anodizing.

Comparison 2024 Aluminum and 6061 Aluminum

Property Difference

2024 Aluminum Alloy

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Slightly higher density

Lower density compared to 2024

Greater ultimate tensile strength

Lower ultimate tensile strength

Increased tensile yield strength

Lower tensile yield strength

Enhanced fatigue and shear strength

Lower fatigue and shear strength

Less elongation at break, indicating lower ductility

Better elongation or ductility

Poorer corrosion resistance unless treated

Superior corrosion resistance

More challenging to weld and machine due to higher strength

Better weldability and machinability

Application Difference

2024 Aluminum Alloy Applications

6061 Aluminum Alloy Applications

Widely used in aircraft structures like wings and fuselages

Common in construction, automotive parts, and piping

Applicable in gears, shafts, cylinders, and pistons

Used for furniture and bicycle frames

Employed in aerospace and aircraft applications for high-strength parts

Suitable for welded assemblies and various structural components

Used in applications where welding is not necessary and high strength is required

Often found in recreational equipment and electrical fittings

2024 Aluminum Sheet vs 6061 Aluminum Plate

Common Temper



T3, T351, T4

T6, T651

2024 aluminum sheet is used for its strength and endurance in high-stress aerospace applications like aircraft skins, despite its lower corrosion resistance. 6061 aluminum plate is known for its strength, weldability, and better corrosion resistance than 2024, making it ideal for versatile structural use.


In conclusion, the choice between 2024 and 6061 aluminum alloys hinges on the specific requirements of your project.
For applications necessitating superior strength-to-weight ratios, such as aerospace components, and where welding is not a primary concern, 2024 aluminum is the optimal choice due to its remarkable tensile and fatigue strength.
On the other hand, if the project demands excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, and versatility in applications ranging from structural components to recreational equipment, 6061 aluminum stands out as the ideal material. Its balanced properties cater to a wide array of uses, making it a highly adaptable and practical option in numerous industries.

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