5 Main Areas Of Application For Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is a deep-processed product of aluminum products. Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil is widely used in products such as food, beverage, medicine and household daily necessities, and is usually used as packaging materials, electrolytic capacitor materials, insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships and houses, etc.


aluminum foil-Automotive-industry

Automotive industry

With the vigorous development of the automobile industry and the increasing rate of aluminumization of automobiles, the market demand for foil for automobiles is rapidly increasing.

There are two kinds of foil for automobiles,

one is the composite foil for automobile air conditioners, China’s automobile air conditioners have been fully aluminumized, and the annual demand for aluminum foil reaches 30,000 tons;

the other is the composite foil for automobile radiators, which is used to manufacture automobile water tank radiators, automobile condensers and evaporators, and the current rate of aluminumization of automobile water tanks reached 60%.

aluminum foil-Pharmaceuticals


aluminum foil-Pharmaceuticals1

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes easy-to-open caps for water and injections and pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil, which is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry due to the advantages of PTP aluminum foil, such as moisture-proof, easy to carry, safe and hygienic.

aluminum foil-Pharmaceuticals3
aluminum foil-Pharmaceuticals2

China has been using aluminum foil to package drugs since 1985, so far the packaging aluminum foil only accounts for 20% of drug packaging materials, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical foil market in recent years, on the one hand, the pharmaceutical market is developing faster, but mainly because 20% of the aluminum foil in drug packaging application ratio is increasing.

aluminum foil-Flexible-packaging

Flexible packaging

Application For Aluminum Foil1

Flexible packaging is the use of soft composite packaging materials made of pouch containers, the emergence of flexible packaging has greatly improved the mechanization of the food and beverage industry, automation level, to speed up the modernization of people’s dietary life, socialization process.In Europe and the United States, flexible packaging has become one of the main forms of food and beverage packaging, within a certain range to replace the cans and bottles.

Application For Aluminum Foil2

In recent years, China’s flexible packaging market has developed rapidly, and dozens of aluminum foil laminating production lines have been introduced so far, which can adopt different processes such as dry lamination, hot melt lamination and extrusion lamination according to the different uses of flexible packaging.

Application For Aluminum Foil3

Flexible packaging not only has the effect of moisture-proof and freshness, but also can be printed with various patterns and words, which is the ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people’s living standard, there is still much room for the development of flexible packaging aluminum foil.

Application For Aluminum Foil4

AThe rise of lithium batteries has led to more and more 3C electronic products using Battery Foil soft Package.
Lithium-ion Battery Foil soft Package are structurally packaged with aluminum foil, in the event of a safety hazard soft pack batteries will only bulge and crack, unlike steel-cased aluminum-cased cells that will explode.

Application For Aluminum Foil5

Aluminum foil is mostly used for high-grade packaging and blister packaging of drugs, moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving paper of cigarettes, high-grade packaging of chocolates, leak-proof packaging of daily chemical products, sealing cover film of instant noodle bowls, sealing trademark of beer and champagne, compound packaging of milk and dairy products and juice, etc.

aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors

Aluminum foil used in electrolytic capacitors is a corrosive material that works under polar conditions and has high requirements on the organization of aluminum foil.

aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors1
aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors2
aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors3
aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors4
aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors5
aluminum foil-Electrolytic-capacitors6

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have good performance, low price and wide application. With the development of electronic industry and China becoming a major industrial production base, the market demand for aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors is promising.

aluminum foil-Aluminum-foil-for-cable

Aluminum foil for cable

The appearance of the cable needs to be wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil to play a protective and shielding role. This aluminum foil is usually manufactured with 1145 grade of industrial pure aluminum, after continuous casting and rolling, cold rolling, slitting and complete annealing, according to the length required by the user into small rolls to supply cable foil compounding plant, covered with plastic film on the surface of the aluminum foil, slitting into a number of small strips into reel-like supply cable plant.

aluminum foil-Aluminum-foil-for-cable1
aluminum foil-Aluminum-foil-for-cable3

Cable foil is made by attaching a special plastic film (0.058mm thick) to the top and bottom surfaces of 0.15-0.20mm thick aluminum foil. There are two methods of attachment, dry and wet.The dry method is to use high temperature (200℃) roller press to attach the film; the wet method is to apply glue to bond.

At present, most of the dry method is used. After attaching the plastic film with special instruments to tear off the film from the aluminum foil, in order to determine the plastic film bonding firmness, this measurement data is very important, known as peel strength.

aluminum foil-Aluminum-foil-for-cable4
aluminum foil-Aluminum-foil-for-cable2

According to the industry standard of communication cable (code YD/T723.2-94), the strength should not be less than 6.13N/cm; in addition, the heat bonding strength should not be less than 17.5N/cm. The surface quality of aluminum foil is the most important factor affecting the peeling strength, and its main surface quality problems are oil spot, corrosion, peroxide, etc.

With population growth, increased human lifespan and growing healthcare needs, the growth in end market consumption has brought about continued growth in demand for packaged food and pharmaceuticals. Leveraging the advantages of aluminum foil and expanding its applications is an important option to meet global development trends and address development challenges.

Moreover, with digital and mobile technology breakthroughs and the development of Internet technology, e-commerce has given rise to many new technological applications and peripheral add-on products, all of which make the aluminum foil industry appear to have more application prospects.

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Whether you want to learn the product, the price, technical support even market news, we’re ready to offer the guidance your vision needs. Let’s chat!

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