Congrats Our “MONOBRAZE FIN” win the 2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award

2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award
2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award-1

With the strong growth of China’s new energy automobile industry, the application and development of lightweight materials in new energy automobile structural parts will usher in a broader market development prospect, and major lightweight materials companies also usher in historical development opportunities.

2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award-2

Yesterday, the 2020 (Second) China Industry Fair New Material Forum-China Automotive New Material Application Summit was jointly organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association, and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network (SMM) The forum, the China (Eighth) Aluminum Processing Industry Chain Supply and Demand Transaction Summit, was grandly held in Shanghai at the time when the industry needed it most!

The purpose of this conference is to promote the innovative and integrated development of new materials and the automotive industry, discuss automotive material solutions, create a closed-loop green development of the automotive industry chain, and help the construction of a leading new energy automotive industry cluster.

2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award-3

Due to the high praise of industry peers, customers and material experts,MONOBRAZE FIN won the 2020 Innovative Materials Award again.

2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award-5
2020 Automotive Material Innovation Award-4

(Note: ALL image reproduced on SMM.)

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