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HDM is a manufacturer of brushed aluminum sheet with an extensive selection of alloys, sizes, and thickness.

Your Professional Brushed Aluminum Sheet Supplier in China

As the undisputed brushed aluminum supplier, HDM boasts years of unparalleled expertise in the Aluminum raw materials field. Our mastery in supplying brushed aluminum sheets, cut to size with perfect finish specifications, is unrivaled. Precision-processing and customization are at the heart of our operations. Trust in our stringent quality control, swift delivery, and top-tier professional service for unmatched quality.

Overview of Brushed Aluminum Sheet

Brushed aluminum sheet consists of an aluminum alloy formed into thin, flat pieces with a linearly brushed aluminum finish. The controllable brushing process enhances aesthetics while retaining aluminum’s advantages.
Brushed aluminum can be used to create some very eye-catching design effects, and different alloy properties can be die-cut into almost any desired shape (furniture parts, decorative lines, tables, etc.), as well as being able to bend and be used for various different purposes.
Benefits include:

Capacity and Processing

HDM consults customers to meet unique brushed aluminum requirements through our options in:

Alloy Options for Brushed Aluminum Sheets

HDM provides diverse brushed aluminum alloy options defined under the 1000 , 3000 , 5000 and 6000 series. Customers can select alloys based on required formability, strength, corrosion performance, weldability and finish result.
1xxx alloys like 1050 and 1100 exhibit high ductility, electrical/thermal conductivity and reflectivity after brushing but lower strength.
3xxx alloys such as 3003 offer medium strength combined with good formability and corrosion resistance.
5xxx alloys including 5052 and 5083 possess medium to high strength while maintaining good weldability and corrosion performance. 5052 aluminum sheet can be added directly to your 3D Vention design by using the automatic panel creation feature.
6xxx alloys like 6061 allow heat treatment to elevate strength beyond other alloys while retaining formability and finishing characteristics.
HDM specialists will advise customers on matching alloys to manufacturing objectives through material testing.

Diverse Applications of Brushed Aluminum Sheet


Auto bodies, trailers, truck accessories, buses and trains employ brushed aluminum for visual appeal combined with light weight and strength.

Construction and Decor

Brushed aluminum adds modern visual flair to facade cladding, window frames, lighting, railings, indoor furnishings and decorative finishes in buildings.

Appliances and Equipment

Brushed aluminum provides durable, hygienic housings for appliances including ovens, fridges, air conditioners, medical equipment and green energy generation hardware.

Packaging and Storage

Pouches, cases, containers leverage brushed aluminum’s impermeability and sterilization ability while enabling custom graphics through contrasting ink colors.

Why Choose HDM for Brushed Aluminum Sheet?

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Strict Quality Control

HDM scrutinizes brushed aluminum production through stage inspections and test reports for guaranteed material performance.


We tailor brushed finish, alloys, temper/hardness and dimensions to customers’ unique specifications.

Customer Service

HDM assigns account managers for consultative interactions, from inquiry to after-sales support.


Brushed aluminum sheet includes internationally recognized certification through entire supply chain.

Warehousing and Logistics

We maintain US and China-based warehouse inventory enabling rapid fulfillment along with worked with logistics providers to deliver brushed aluminum reliably.

Customization and Value-Added Services

HDM tailors every brushed aluminum order to application requirements assisted by our technical experts. We welcome custom requests and provide additional services like:


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FAQ About Brushed Aluminum Materials

What finishes are available on brushed aluminum sheet?

HDM offers linear brushed finishes in varied directions along with satin finishes. Both aesthetically enhance aluminum’s metallic luster while retaining reflective properties after anodizing if required. HDM consults customers to tailor brushing appearance, depth and technique to your product goals.

What tempers and thicknesses are available?

Our brushed aluminum sheets span common alloys in H12, H14 through to strain hardened H26 tempers. Thicknesses range from 0.3mm to 6mm in 0.01mm increments. HDM can supply non-standard thickness and temper combinations. Let our staff advise on optimal temper and thickness to suit your fabrication methods and end-use resilience needs.

What certifications apply to HDM’s brushed aluminum?

HDM provides brushed aluminum certified to ASTM B209, EN 485 and Chinese GB/T3880 standards. Mill Test Reports detail composition, mechanical performance values and production batch for quality assurance. We also comply with ISO 9001 ensuring repeatable quality brushed aluminum between lots. Custom testing and inspection can validate application-specific metrics to your requirements.

How quickly can HDM deliver brushed aluminum orders?

Our US and China-based warehousing guarantees short lead times for standard catalogs and custom sheet sizes. HDM can fulfill standard gauge coils/sheets from inventory within 48 hours. For additional processing like thermal cutting blanks, expect 10-15 day delivery. Rush orders subject to material availability receive prioritized production.

What industries use HDM's brushed aluminum sheets?

HDM supplies brushed aluminum for transport, appliances, building construction, packaging, electronics and industrial machinery. Our brushed aluminum gives elite aesthetics and durability to auto/RV bodies, trailer side panels, household appliances like ovens, contact equipment like stretchers along with electronics enclosures demanding heat dissipation.

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