Chairman: Mr. Lijun Lu

“Our value define us.”

HD METAL M is a leading global industry and trade integration of Aluminium products. Flat Aluminium Alloy products, Brazing Aluminium materials for Heat Exchanger and Coated Aluminium products are our main product lines.

We are devoted to every customer and every order, large and small.
We welcome all orders and inquiries and will respond quickly with reliable service and lead times that meet your specific needs. Behind each of our sales representatives are skilled process technicians waiting to support your specific material requirements and processes.

Our dedication to providing high-quality products, short lead times and reliable delivery has always been the key to our success. We are constantly improving our facilities to include state-of-the-art technology, quality control standards and rigorous packaging and logistics transportation.


Strive for excellence. Starting from Aluminium, it makes a contribution to creating a green world.

Core Value

Act with integrity. We do what we can do.


Everyone is a unique being, happy and enjoys what you are focused on.