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High Precision Aluminium Supplier

HD METAL M CO., LTD is a precision aluminium re-roller and manufacturer of Sheets, Coils, Foils and Tubes .
In operation for over 20 years, HD METAL M CO., LTD is a global manufacturer and supplier in Aluminium Metal Materials, also partners with other China manufacturers and offers a complete line of Aluminium used in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, and building construction industries in the global market.
Strong value-added processing
Superior service and product availability
Strong supply chain partnerships

Culture of HDM

Chairman:Mr. Lijun Lu
Strive for industry excellence
Core Value
Truthful and pragmatic
Focus and enjoy, go see the world together.
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What Makes HD Metal M So Different?

HDM-Accurate understanding

Accurate understanding

Understanding is the source of all communication. With the company’s nearly 20 years of rich industry experience, and the continuous exploration and accumulation of material requirements for aluminum products in various fields, we can understand the needs from factories, traders, and distributors. Thus, it is easy to start your journey of cooperation.
HDM-Quick feedback

Quick feedback

Perhaps you are sitting on the other side of the earth, but any questions or inquiries will be answered within the shortest time. We are never willing to let anyone involved in the negotiation with us wait too long. Our sales representatives or product specialists will give feedback as quickly as possible.
Can we do it? If we can do it, how long can we complete it? If we can’t do it, what advice do we give you?
HDM-Reliable helper

Reliable helper

Trust is the core of all business cooperation. Even if we have never met, even if we can only communicate by email, phone, or social media, no matter what form of communication does not prevent us from providing you with help and support with an honest and reliable attitude and action.
Here, for the time being, you can only listen to our text introduction, but as soon as you start dealing with us, you will have a profound experience.
HDM-Your long-term partnership

Your long-term partnership

We are the ones who incorporate “long-term” into our business values and implement them. We are willing to sacrifice short-term vested interests in exchange for a long-term strong cooperative relationship.
With our strong organizational capabilities, we will play an important role in your supply chain system and maintain your long-term interests.
Learn how HDM can help you become more profitable —
today! We look forward to hearing from you.

About Our History

Since 2001, Mr.LijunLu,the founder of Chongqing Tuozhan Aluminum(the predecessor of HD METALM) started Military products trading business with South-west Aluminum(CHALCO branch) in Chongqing.Subsequently, the company entered the Brazing sheet for heat exchangersand achieved a market share of more than 85% in Jiangsu, China.
HD METAL M Office Building
In 2008, the founder group of HD METAL M participated in the investment of the annual output of 100 Kt of high-precision Aluminum Rolled project. At present, the project has been a massive success and has currently put into production, the products are sold at home and abroad.
In 2012, the company was officially renamed and reorganized as Chongqing Huidong Metal Material Co.,Ltd.
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In order to better serve and expand the South-east Asian market and the domestic business in Guangdong province, the company set up a subsidiary—“STAR PING-AN ALUMINUM” in Shenzhen in 2015. And brand “Pingan Products” is highly recognized by markets. For the purpose of servicing better and expanding the South-east Asian market and the domestic business in Guangdong Province, the company set up a subsidiary — “STAR PINGAN ALUMINUM” in Shenzhen in 2015. And brand “PINGAN Products” is highly recognized by markets and is one of the leading ones.
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Establishes a strategic partnership with RUYUAN DONGYANGGUANG UACJ FINE ALUMINUM FOIL CO., LTD.,(DYG-UACJ), as a branch company mainly responsible Heat exchanger materials for overseas markets.
The company was renamed “ CHONGQING HUIDONG METAL MATERIAL ” to “HD METAL M CO., LTD”, which is recognized as the leading aluminum metal manufacturer and supplier.
Acquired and merged “HUAIAN BEIK ALUMINUM HEAT TRANSMISSION CO., LTD”, and moved two HF TUBE production lines of the original company to Chongqing. The acquired company is called “DSINGCH TECH CO., LTD”. This was a major landmark in the history of the company.

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