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Chairman: Mr. Lijun Lu

HD METAL M is among the top-notch manufacturer of Aluminum and is leading the global trade integration of Aluminum products. Mainly engaged in the product are Aluminum sheets & strips, Brazing Aluminum strip and welded tubes for heat exchangers, and Painted Aluminum sheets. Our main concern is to satisfy our customers by our devotion and quality maintenance irrespective of order size.

Our commitment towards the provision of high-quality aluminum metal manufacturing in a short time with reliable delivery methods makes us the leading supplier all over the globe. We embrace all orders, inquires, and complaints and try to respond to them as soon as possible. Our sales representatives are backed up by highly trained and skilled professionals and technicians that are always available to help you out and solve your issues.

We are also famous for the provision of one-stop value-added services to solve all customer needs for aluminum products, for example, Aluminum extrusion products, Aluminum bars, and tubes. We guarantee high-quality manufacturing and delivery that makes leading aluminum manufacturer and leading aluminum supplier.


Strive for excellence. Starting from Aluminium, it makes a contribution to creating a green world.

Core Value

Act with integrity. We do what we can do.


Everyone is a unique being, happy and enjoys what you are focused on.


What Makes HD Metal M So Different?

Accurate understanding

Understanding is the source of all communication. With the company’s nearly 20 years of rich industry experience, and the continuous exploration and accumulation of material requirements for aluminum products in various fields, we can understand the needs from factories, traders, and distributors. Thus, it is easy to start your journey of cooperation.

Quick feedback

Perhaps you are sitting on the other side of the earth, but any questions or inquiries will be answered within the shortest time. We are never willing to let anyone involved in the negotiation with us wait too long. Our sales representatives or product specialists will give feedback as quickly as possible. Can we do it? If we can do it, how long can we complete it? If we can’t do it, what advice do we give you?

Reliable helper

Trust is the core of all business cooperation. Even if we have never met, even if we can only communicate by email, phone, or social media, no matter what form of communication does not prevent us from providing you with help and support with an honest and reliable attitude and action. Here, for the time being, you can only listen to our text introduction, but as soon as you start dealing with us, you will have a profound experience.

Your long-term partnership

We are the ones who incorporate “long-term” into our business values and implement them. We are willing to sacrifice short-term vested interests in exchange for a long-term strong cooperative relationship. We are happy to play an important role for you in China or the global supply chain system and safeguard your long-term interests.

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