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Development Partnership is our common value creation.

development innovation team
New product development starts with bold imagination and the risk of trial and error. HD METAL M helps minimize that risk through a highly experienced team of individualized experts. We assist in developing custom material solutions designed to meet your project needs and help you realize the imagination of product design.



We participate in the R&D and provide alloy materials to help customers obtain patented products in emerging industries, to get a head star.


A wide range of Aluminium Alloy product allows HDMETALM to supply the highest quality material for your specific requirements.


Since 2001, HDMETALM has been a pioneer in the metals industry thanks to a never-ending commitment to quality, innovation and world-class customer service.


Non-Clad and Clad fin, plate,tube stock and Tube for heat exchanger, Coated Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Strip&Coil&Sheet&Plate,totally annual output.
01 | Speak with Specialist
At this initial stage,application and performance requirements of materials should be promoted on the basis of mutual understanding and learning.
02 | Define key parameters
According to the preliminary communication from the initial stage, HDMETALM will create a material specification with your product’s properties.
03 | Trial Order + Evaluation
Using the specification as a guideline, HD METAL M will process customized material in R+D quantities for initial evaluation.
04 | Feedback & Follow-up
Based on feedback of the initial trial order, our product team will work with you to confirm final specifications. A unique part number will be created, ensuring the material is processed the same way every time.
05 | Transfer to Production
With a dedicated team of engineers, product managers and customer service staff to support you, HD METAL M will bring your product to market with our industry-leading commitment to quality
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