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As the pioneer team of Chinese aluminum processing, HD METAL M excels as a manufacturer, supplier of Aluminum products and special sheet metal materials, including Clad and Non-clad, painted Aluminum sheets & coils and Aluminum alloy strip, sheet, plate, foil.

Besides, we work with a number of domestic and international factories to develop and produce alloy bars, aluminium tubes and other deep processed Aluminium finished products for niche markets.

A Wide Range of Aluminum Flat-Rolled Products

Aluminum Sheet

Flat-rolled Aluminium Sheets

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Hot-rolled, cold-rolled Sheets, coil, strip, foil
with uniform and bright surface finishes.

Aluminium Pattern /Checkered Sheet

Aluminium Pattern
/Checkered Sheet

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Used for anti-skid flooring with five-bar
and diamond patterns.

Aluminium Brazing Sheets

Aluminium Brazing Sheets

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High Strength Aluminum Clad alloy and the thinner products
are widely used for
Aluminum Clad fin, Header plate, Side plate and Welded tube alloy stock for Automotive heat exchangers.

Pre-painted Aluminum Sheet

Pre-painted Aluminium Sheet

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PE/PVDF/PEFV Pre-painted Color Aluminium sheets/coil/strip
are widely used for
building material(indoor, outdoor, roofing, ceiling, door),
home appliance(refrigerator,
freezer, wash machine, water-heater, TV, etc.),
advertisement, station, package…and others area.

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

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From thick foil to single-zero foil and double-zero foil,
this rolled Aluminum material with a thickness of no more than 0.2 mm is a thin piece of material with a great deal of energy.

High-frequency processed tubes of flat rolled aluminium

Welded Aluminum Tube

Welded Aluminium Tube

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High-frequency welded Aluminium tubes used for
Automotive radiator, Charge Air cooler, intercooler, evaporators.

High precision aluminum metal for your unique market

Markets We Serve

With a selection of kinds Aluminium alloys and type of aluminium materials, includes brazed Aluminium sheets for heat exchangers, Colored Aluminium sheets and rolled Aluminium alloy sheets & plates, coils & strips, as well as Round Bar & Tube, Welded Tube and Aluminium extrusion.
HD METALM proud to offer standard and custom product to customer specification. No matter your requirements, HD METALM can service your industries and markets at one source stop.

Custom Your ALUMINIUM project

With state-of-the-art foil and cold rolling mills and high-tech quality control systems,
our manufacturing facilities offer a wide range of capabilities to suit the needs of different projects.


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