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As the pioneer team of Chinese aluminum processing, HD METAL M excels as a manufacturer and trader of Aluminum product and
other special metal materials, including Clad and Non-clad, coated Aluminum alloy coil, strip, sheet,  plate, foil, bar and tube products.


DYG-UACJ introducing advanced technology and management concepts to the automotive heat exchanger industry.



Concentrate more on Painted Aluminum coil for high-end & leading niche markets.


Others Aluminum

Manufacturer, re-roller & trader of Aluminum Sheet, coil, strip, foil, bar and tube products. More than 18 years of experience enables us to delivery customers with the most cost-effective products.

Others Aluminum

Leading Technical

With a selection of over hundred alloys, we’re dedicated to being a premier producer of High-precision Aluminum products, include Clad Rolled Aluminum for Heat Exchanger, Painted Aluminum and Flat Aluminum Alloy materials, as well as Round Bar & Tube, Welded Tube and Aluminum Welding Wire and other special metal, with each order expertly engineered to your exact specifications.


Aluminum coil & strip & tube

Product Service

HD METAL M excels in producing precision Brazed,Painted,Flat and Welded Tube for demanding applications.

Our product series offering includes:

  • Brazing Aluminum strip & sheet for Heat Exchanger

  • Painted Aluminum strip & Coil

  • Flat Aluminum Alloy coil, strip, sheet, plate and foil

  • High Frequency Welded Tube for Heat Exchanger

  • Aluminum Welding wire

Advanced Products

Adhering to the spirit of artisans in the aluminum processing industry, we are constantly upgrading product quality, pay attention to product stability. At the same time, our innovation has never stopped.

monobraze fin

Replace the Clad fin with better brazing performance

Aluminum roll Jacketing

Coated PolySurlyn Dupont for insulation

High frequency welded Tube

Flat Oval tube, B-type tube, Radiator tube and Condenser tube

Clad fin for heat exchanger


Our highly trained and experienced engineers, product specialists and sales managers are available to assist you in all series of material selection and production of your Aluminum or others Aluminum with special treatment requirements. Contact a Specialist