3003 Aluminum Sheet & Coil

The 3003 aluminum sheet & Coil is a versatile and robust member of the 3000 series aluminum alloys. Its primary alloying constituent is manganese, which gives this 3003 aluminum alloy a good balance of strength and corrosion resistance. While this high-performance alloy surpasses the strength of the 1000 series, it does not quite match the 5000 series.

The 3003 Aluminum sheets & coils finds wide applications in construction, transportation, food and beverage, and other industries. This alloy exhibits good corrosion resistance and features a smooth/semi-glossy surface, which makes it easy to form and process. Furthermore, 3003 aluminum alloy shows excellent ductility and workability while in the H14 temper, and it can be cold worked to enhance its strength.

3003 Aluminum Sheet
Precision Crafted Aluminum

HDM has been serving as a renowned provider of precision-crafted aluminum sheets for over 20 years, catering to manufacturers, engineers, and traders in various sectors worldwide.
Our 3003 aluminum sheets, in compliance with ASTM B209 and GB T-3880 standards, assure unmatched quality at competitive prices in the Chinese market. Furthermore, we ensure swift delivery services and offer customization to suit your specific needs, making our 3003 aluminum plate and aa3003 aluminum options highly sought after.
3003 Aluminum Sheet

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0.2 mm – 6.0 mm
50 mm – 2450 mm
In-stock Size
1000 x 2000mm
1200 x 2400mm
1220 x 2440mm
1250 x 2500mm
Manufacturing technique
Manufacturing technique
Direct Casting & Hot rolling
Continues Casting & Cold rolling
Processing service
Processing service
Annual Capacity
Annual Capacity
100,000 MT hot-rolling (DC) plate
60,000 MT cold-rolling Sheet & Plate
50,000 MT continues casting(CC) rolling sheet
GB/T 3190-2010
GB/T 3880.1-2012
Surface treatment
Surface treatment
Powder coated
Mirror finish
Mill finish















Alloy (%)

0.00 - 0.60

0.00 - 0.70

0.05 - 0.20

1.00 - 1.50


0.00 - 0.10


0.00 - 0.05



Available Tempers of 3003 Aluminum Sheet & Plate

3003 - O

The 3003-O aluminum sheet is in the annealed state of the 3003 aluminum alloy.
It exhibits high plasticity and stable mechanical properties, making it ideal for intricate and precise parts. Additionally, it is workable, flexible, malleable, and weldable, making it suitable for various applications.

3003 - H14

The 3003-H14 aluminum sheet is in a semi-hard state of the 3003 aluminum alloy.
It has high strength and plasticity after moderate work-hardening, making it suitable for general industrial applications and structural components. Additionally, it is both weldable and corrosion-resistant.

3003 - H24

The 3003-H24 aluminum sheet is in the two-thirds hardened state of the 3003 aluminum alloy.
It has high strength and fatigue resistance after moderate hardening, making it suitable for high-stress components such as automotive parts, building structures, and pressure vessels. Additionally, it is weldable and corrosion-resistant.

Physical Performance Indicators

Tensile Strength (MPa)

Specified nonproportionalelongationstress(MPa)

Elongation (%)

3003 - O

95 - 125

≥ 35

≥ 18

3003 - H14

135 - 175

≥ 120

≥ 120

3003 - H24

135 - 175

≥ 1

≥ 1

We are here to guide you in selecting the right temper based on your specific requirements. Rely on us to assist you in making the best decision tailored to your needs.

3003 Aluminum Sheet - Your High Precision Solution

There is a strong demand for corrosion-resistant and ductile alloy materials in construction and transportation. The 3003 aluminum alloy sheet is widely used as the main structural component for thin cross-sections under moderate stress.
In addition, due to the excellent formability and workability of 3003 aluminum coils, they are also applied to roofing, siding, and decorative panels.
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We also provide Painted Aluminum, Aluminum Checker Plate, and Aluminum Circles for applications that require a textured or colorful surface, or a circular shape. These options offer the same corrosion resistance and ductility as 3003 aluminum alloy sheet.


Why Choose HDM 3003 Aluminum Sheet

As the foremost global supplier of 3003 aluminum sheets & coils, we have solidified our partnerships with top-notch raw material suppliers to guarantee the use of only the most superior materials. Our advanced process equipment empowers us to execute multiple operations, including cold rolling, heat treatment, defect detection, and precision dimension machining of 3003 aluminum mother coils.
Our processes guarantee the reliability and versatility of 3003 aluminum sheet for various applications across industries like automotive, home appliances, and construction, meeting all technical requirements.

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