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    Aluminum sheet metal is the general term for the finished product of flat-rolled aluminum metal products. Generally includes, aluminum sheet & plate, coated aluminum plate, brazed aluminum sheet, perforated aluminum sheet, corrugated plate, anodized aluminum plate, anodized aluminum plate, vehicle aluminum plate and other deep processing sheet metal belt.



    • F
    • O
    • Hxx Or Hxxx
    • Tx Or Txxx


    • Work hardening
    • Annealing
    • Heat treatment

    Surface finished

    • Diamond
    • Embossed
    • Painted
    • Powder
    • Mirroring
    • Mill finish

    Size Range

    Plate 6.0 – 260 800-3000 1000-30000
    Sheet 0.2 – 6.0 50-2800 1000-12000
    Hot Rolling Coil 2.0-12 1050-2900 C
    Cold Rolling Coil 0.1 50-2650 C

    Sheet Type

    Perforated Aluminum Sheet

    Corrugated Aluminum Sheet

    Series 1xxxis essentially pure aluminum, Aluminum content is above 90%. With excellent workability, high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and weldability.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum sheet

      1050 Aluminum sheet

    • Aluminum sheet

      1100 Aluminium Sheet

    • Aluminum sheet

      1070 Aluminum sheet

    • Aluminum tread plate

      1050 Aluminum tread/checker plate

    • Aluminum plate

      1050 Aluminum plate

    • Aluminum diamond plate

      1050 Aluminum diamond sheet

    Typical Applications: Widely used in products with low strength processing, industrial applications, fin-stock, decorative and household applications, nameplates, etc.

    Series 2xxx is Al-Cu, Al-Cu-Mn alloys with high strength and fatigue resistance. Forging alloy, good forge ability, and high strength, but poor corrosion resistance.

    Typical Applications:Aircraft structural components, especially under the wing and fuselage structure, and parts for the transportation industry.

    Series 3xxx is Al-Mn alloys with excellent formability, good weldability, and corrosion resistance.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum sheet

      3003 Aluminum sheet

    • Aluminum diamond plate

      3003 Aluminum diamond plate

    • Aluminum tread plate

      3003 Aluminum tread / checker plate

    • Aluminum sheets & coils

      3105 Aluminum sheet & coil

    • Painted Aluminum coil

      3xxx Painted aluminum sheet

    Typical Applications: this is the most widely used of antirust aluminum. Mainly used for fuel tanks and petrol pipe insulation. Others used for basic materials for roofing metal, decorative trim, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, awnings, siding, chemical equipment where slightly higher strength than Series 1000 is required.

    Series 4xxx  is an Al-Si alloy with a low melting point, good melt fluidity, easy to feed, and will not make the final product brittleness.

    Typical Applications: Mostly used in forging, building, mechanical parts, and welding materials.

    Series 5xxxis an Al-Mg alloy with good strength, excellent corrosion resistance, cutting well in the non-heat treatment alloy.Excellent workability, excellent finishing characteristics with bright, clear anodize coatings.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum sheets & coils

      5052 Aluminum sheet & Coil

    • Aluminum sheets & coils

      5005 Aluminum sheet & Coil

    • Aluminum sheets & coils

      5754 Aluminum sheet & Coil

    • Aluminum sheets & coils

      5083 Aluminum sheet & Coil

    Typical Applications:Wide variety from aircraft components to home appliances, marine, and transportation industry parts, heavy-duty cooking utensils, and equipment for bulk processing food.

    Series 6xxxis an Al-Mg-Si alloy with the most versatile of the heat treatable alloys with excellent formability, weldability, machinability, medium strength, and good operability after annealing.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum plate

      6061- T6/T651 Aluminum plate

    • Aluminum plate

      6082-T6/T651 Aluminum plate

    Typical Applications: Engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, Truck bodies and frames, Running boards.

    Series 7xxxis an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy with super-hard aluminum alloy. It is strong with high strength and average machinability but has less resistance to corrosion than many other Al alloys.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum plate

      7075 Aluminum plate

    • Aluminum plate

      7050 Aluminum plate

    Typical Applications: Used mostly in aircraft and transportation industries where strength is critical.

    Series 8xxxhas a similar performance with Series 1xxx, but internal malleability is better.

    Types of sheet metal:

    • Aluminum sheet

      8011 Aluminum Sheet

    • Aluminum strip

      8011 Aluminum Coil & Strip

    • Aluminum strip

      8079 Aluminum Coil & Strip

    • Aluminum strip

      8021 Aluminum Coil & Strip

    Typical Applications: Widely used in the heat-sink device, lid stock, aluminum foil, Air-Condition foil.

    Two different processing of Aluminum sheet metal fabrication

    1. Different forming process:

    Casting-rolled is processed by casting & rolling into cast roll (6-8mm thickness) and then processed by cold rolling line, while hot rolling is heated by aluminum alloy billet (400-500mm thickness), which is rolled by hot rolling mill.

    3. Different properties:

    the surface quality of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is better, and the mechanical properties and ductility are stronger, which is suitable for the anodized and deep drawing fabrication process;

    5. Different prices:

    the process of casting-rolled aluminum sheet metal is simple, and the price is cheaper than that of hot-rolling aluminum sheet metal.

    Hot rolling Vs Continues Casting rolling

    First of all, most customers who have experience in sourcing sheet metal materials from China should know that there are differences in the performance and price of the finished product caused by the difference between two different fabrication processes, mainly for series 1xxx and series 3xxx. For the finished products of series 1xxx and 3xxxx, what we should compare is not the difference between the fabrication process of hot rolling and cold rolling, but the fabrication process of finished products of hot rolling and cast rolling.

    2. Different raw material supply:

    the difference between the two is that the billet supply is different. The hot-rolled billet is cast aluminum ingot–heated–rolled into a coil for cold rolling, and the cast billet is cast rolled coil–cast rolling;

    4. Different applications:

    casting-rolled aluminum metal sheets are mostly used for building decoration and other common civilian purposes. Hot-rolled aluminum metal sheets are suitable for areas requiring deformation of the plate surface such as stamping and stretching;

    6. Different finished products:

    the elongation of the casting-rolled products of the same alloy grade is lower than that of the hot-rolled products, and the cast-rolled products are limited by the rolling force of the casting & rolling machine and can only produce Aluminum metal sheets of series 1xxx, 3xxx and 8xxx.


    With selection of kinds aluminum sheet alloys, we provide a variety of customized sheet size processing to meet the niche demands of customers, including sheet metal cutting, slitting, extrusion, bending and forming.


    Our highly trained and experienced engineers, product specialists and sales managers are available to assist you in all series of material selection and production of your Aluminum or others Aluminum with special treatment requirements.


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