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The industry usually refers to the thickness of 0.2mm-6.0mm, with fixed length and width greater than 500mm as aluminium sheet.

Aluminium sheet can be divided into different forms: aluminium round circle/Aluminium disc, square sheet, striped sheet, corrugated sheet, etc.

It can also be processed into coated aluminium sheet, patterned/embossed aluminium sheet, mirror sheet, perforated sheet, etc. according to different surface treatment and production process.

Covering 90% of existing alloys, wide range of specifications from narrow to wide, custom cut-to-size aluminium sheets to meet your exact requirements.

Rich types of Aluminium sheet & plate deep-processing, stable technical process, professional after-sales service, long-term cooperation values, if you are looking for a supplier of aluminium sheet in China, we are confident that HD METAL M will be a good choice for you.

Available Alloys

  • 1050
  • 1060
  • 1070
  • 1100
  • 3003
  • 3004
  • 3005
  • 3105
  • 5052
  • 5754
  • 5083
  • 6061
  • 6082
  • 7050
  • 7075
  • 8011
  • 8079


  • F
  • O
  • H1X
  • H2X
  • H3X
  • H11X
  • TX
  • TXXX


  • 0.2mm – 300 mm


  • 10mm – 2650mm

Manufacturing technique

  • Direct Casting & Hot rolling
  • Continues Casting rolling

Annual capacity

  • 200,000 Hot rolling plate
  • 150,000 Cold rolling finished products
  • 80,000 Continues casting rolling products

Processing service

  • Bending
  • Brazing
  • Treatment
  • Pre-stretching
  • Perforating
  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Embossing


  • ASTM B290M
  • EN 485-3/4
  • GB/T 3880.1 & 2

Hot supplying kinds of Aluminium Sheet

Brazed Aluminium Sheets

Brazed Aluminium Sheets

2 layers or more than 2 layers Aluminium brazed sheets used for transformers for large and sophisticated heavy-duty electrical control equipment,heat exchangers in railway vehicles and heat dissipation components associated with automobiles.

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Colored Aluminium Sheets

Colored Aluminium Sheets

RMP, SDP or PVDF coating Aluminium sheets
with Lightweight roofing with a long lifespan.

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1xxx/3xxx/5xxx Aluminium Sheet & Plate

Aluminium Sheet & Plate

These are common and non-heat treatable alloys. 1xxx/3xxx/5xxx Aluminium alloy are commonly used for machining parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance or good weldability.

6061 Aluminium Plate

6061 Aluminium Plate

Heat treatable alloy with a certain strength, high weldability and corrosion resistance, mostly used for machined structural parts.

Aluminium Circle Disc

Aluminium Circle Disc

Used for making kitchen utensils, cookware. Non-stick pans, saucepan, pizza pan, pressure cookers, and other hardware.

Multi-Slit Aluminium Strip

Multi-Slit Aluminium Strip

Slitting Aluminium strip with width between 50mm-800mm suitable for transformers and heat exchanger applications.

4×8 / 5×10 aluminium sheet

4×8 / 5×10 aluminium sheet

The 4″ × 4″ aluminium sheet is one of the commonly used sizes and is 1219mm 2438mm according to the metric units. 5″ × 10″ aluminium sheet is 1525mm ×3050mm according to the metric units.

Thin aluminium sheet

Thin aluminium sheet

Those with a thickness of 0.3-0.8mm, which we usually refer to as thin material, are commonly used for fin radiators, cable, aluminium palstic composite pipe, optical cable, heater, blinds.

World-class technology and equipment determines
the high precision and high quality of Aluminium sheet products

—— Annual capacity 100,000 tons for 1000 series – 8000series of aluminium plate & sheet

Ingot milling machine

Ingot milling machine

Clean the surface of the aluminium billet produced by the melting and casting, so that the hot-rolled thick aluminum plate can obtain a uniform and bright surface without impurities during the rolling process after being loaded on the machine.

Continuous pusher-type heating furnace

Continuous pusher-type heating furnace

Gautschi (Switzerland)

In the pusher-type heating furnace, the hot-rolled ingot is pushed into the furnace in a vertical position, so that the ingot is heated quickly and evenly. It realizes rapid and large-scale heat treatment of aluminium ingots in batches, and at the same time ensures the aging of aluminium heat treatment.

1+3 Hot continues rolling mill

1+3 Hot continues rolling mill

SMS (Germany)

1+3 high speed continuous hot rolling mill can greatly reduce energy consumption and cost, and speed up the production efficiency. Because of its strong rolling force, the aluminium billet can be rolled directly from the thickness of 800mm to 3.5mm hot rolled aluminium plate stock.

Six-high cold rolling mill

Six-high cold rolling mill

SMS (Germany)

The six-high reversible cold rolling mill can effectively control the flatness and stability of the finished aluminium plate & sheet shape, and effectively improve the thinning and edge cracking of the aluminium coil.

Surface cleaning line

Surface cleaning line

The increasing demand of various industries for aluminium strip and foil has driven the rapid development of high-precision aluminum strips such as aluminum-plastic strip, PS material, canning material, and capacitor foil. These products have very strict requirements on straightness and cleanliness, and the high-precision aluminum strip is usually rolled with all-oil cooling and lubrication, and there is a large amount of rolling oil and aluminium powder on the surface, so to obtain good surface quality, the surface residue must be cleaned.

Tension leveling line

Tension leveling line


Generally, aluminium coil or strip with high quality for flatness needs to be bent and straightened. The work of the tensioning and straightening machine makes the strip gradually produce plastic extension and release the internal stress of the plate under the action of drawing and bending, to improve the waveform, warping, side bending and potential plate & coil flatness defects of the strip during cold working.

With its outstanding quality to strength ratio and natural corrosion resistance,
aluminium sheet is widely popular for a variety of industry applications.
Aluminium sheets and plates are used in a wide range of applications,
from aerospace and aircraft manufacturing to beverage packaging and cryogenic storage applications to
siding, gutters, tool and die applications and residential roofing.

To ensure that we understand your Aluminum material requirements accurately, please provide as many detailed technical parameters as possible.

For example: Alloy, Temper, dimensions and dimensional tolerances, applications or industry standards, and the production standards to be implemented.

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    Guide you to learn more about Aluminum sheet .

    What is the Aluminum sheet?

    Aluminum Sheet refers to the plain sheet & plate material made of bare aluminum or aluminum alloy material.

    Or by the flat aluminum billet through heating, rolling extension, and straightening or solid solution aging heat and other processes manufactured from the rolled plate aluminum products.


    What is aluminum sheet packaging suitable for
    long-distance shipping?

    Firstly, wrap the aluminum sheet closely with a dense waterproof film and seal it carefully with tape to ensure that no part of the aluminum sheet is exposed to the possible moist air, while placing enough desiccant inside the package. This is to ensure that the inside of the aluminum sheet is dry, not to let the aluminum plate contact any liquid, to prevent the aluminum plate from oxidation or corrosion, etc.

    aluminum sheet package1

    Outside of the waterproof film, another layer of kraft waterproof paper is wrapped. This is mainly to ensure that the soft waterproof film will not be damaged, waterproof paper to a certain extent can also be isolated from the external moisture, thick kraft paper can be well isolated from the temperature difference between the surface and the environment, to avoid the aluminum plate due to the temperature difference is too large moisture condensation phenomenon, to prevent the aluminum plate oxidation.

    aluminum sheet package2

    Outside the kraft paper, it will cover the whole layer of corrugated cardboard to protect the edges and corners of the aluminum sheet, and finally the aluminum sheet will be packed together with the wooden tray by metal packing tape. The outer packaging of a wooden pallet carrying several tons of aluminum sheets is reinforced to prevent the aluminum sheets from scattering and sliding during transportation, and also to avoid friction between the aluminum sheets and the aluminum sheets, which may damage the surface.

    aluminum sheet package3

    What is the difference between Aluminum sheet and plate?

    Thin aluminum sheet and aluminum plate are essentially the same; the only true distinction is in their respective thickness.

    The aluminum sheet is any aluminum sheet thicker than foil but thinner than 6mm;
    it comes in many types of sheet metal including diamond plate, embossed, perforated, and painted aluminum sheet.
    A protective film is usually applied to aluminum sheets with a thickness of more than 0.8mm.

    The aluminum plate is any aluminum sheet metal that is thicker than 6mm, it can be a hot-rolled sheet or aluminum sheet of the cast-rolled coil.

    Aluminum sheet2

    Aluminum sheet divided by thickness into:

    < 0.2mm

    aluminum foil

    4 – 80mm

    thick aluminum sheets

    0.2 – 3.0mm

    thin aluminum sheets

    > 80mm

    extra-thick aluminum sheets

    How to identify a quality aluminum sheet?

    Surface indentation, imprint marks, embossing and other remnants

    Not obvious

    Damage caused by leakage, penetration, etc.

    Not allowed

    Ripple: Bubble not allowed (≤ 10mm)

    Not allowed

    Defect (≤3mm)

    ≤3mm /m2


    Not allowed


    Not allowed

    Chromatic aberration

    Not obvious

    Temper designation of Aluminum Sheet


    As fabricated


    Full soft (annealed)


    Strain hardened (cold worked) with or without thermal treatment


    Solution heat treated only


    Heat treated to produce stable tempers (different from the temper of F, O and H)

    * Subdivisions of H Temper (which is always followed by two or more digits.)

    The first digit indicates the specific combination of basic operations, as follows:

    -H1: Strain hardened only

    -H2: Strain hardened and partially annealed

    -H3: Strain hardened and stabilized by low temperature heating

    -H4: Strain hardened and lacquered or painted

    The second digit denotes the degree of hardness:

    -HX2 = 1/4 hard

    -HX4 = 1/2 hard

    -HX6 = 3/4 hard

    -HX8 = full hard

    -HX9 = extra hard

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