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HD METAL M is your one-stop resource for a diverse range of aluminum tubes.
Backed by over twenty years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent customer service, we are confident in our ability to not only meet but exceed your requirements. No matter what the your industry or application, we have the aluminum tubing needed.

From HVAC&R and heat exchange to the mechanical and framing industries, to machine builders and the public transportation and aerospace industries, our high strength, corrosion resistant, high quality aluminum tubing is available in a variety of grades of aluminum, rectangular, round or square forms in a variety of sizes. Of course, we are more than happy to accept your custom requirements for the size and external shape of the aluminum tubes.


Our Tube Solutions

Dimension solutions

Coating solutions,
including Hycot,
zinc spray,
flux and silflux coating for brazing

Special alloys or clad alloy
with increased corrosion performance


    Your Aluminum tube Partner for Every industries Need.

    In addition to serving the main heat transfer applications, our aluminum tubes are also used by our customers for structural components assembled from aluminum tubes, solar thermal applications and niche markets such as railroads, heavy vehicles and geothermal, barbecue grills and special flag poles.

    • HVAC&R.Aluminium tubes play an irreplaceable role in HVACR systems because of their good thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion and light weight. Friendly to the demands of the industry.
    • Public transport and aerospace.The aerospace and public transport systems are in constant high speed iterations of development and the demanding nature of the metal materials used cannot be overstated. This has led aerospace, high-speed rail and metro car manufacturers to use aluminum tubes as a key component of basic equipment such as airframes, hydraulic systems and fuel lines.
    • Marine industry.Aluminum pipe for desalination. Aluminum pipe are being used as heat transfer tubes after special treatment on the surface of the tubes, and “replacing copper pipe with aluminum pipe” is being carried out in the desalination business. Aluminum tubes are widely used in marine development projects and are often used to build marine equipment such as cages for large fish and auxiliary equipment for subsea pipelines, as aluminum shows greater buoyancy and resistance to salt water corrosion than other metallic materials.
    • Medical.The use of aluminum tubes in the medical industry is even more evident. Manufacturers of medical tools and equipment often use aluminum tubes to manufacture products such as bed frames, collapsible stretchers and wheelchair frames.
    • Daily life recreation.Aluminium tubes are inextricably linked to our everyday lives, with equipment manufacturers using them to create convenient, high-security equipment such as barbecue grills, racing-grade bicycles, camping tent support poles, foldable tables and benches and tent poles.

    What benefits can aluminum tubes bring to you?

    Aluminum tube/pipe made of aluminum and aluminum alloys may not be the optimal tubing choice, but in many applications, they offer greater convenience and benefits.

    • Strong. but lightweight construction. Due to the excellent strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum. Aluminum tubes made from aluminum and aluminum alloys are well positioned to replace steel tubes, which exhibit the same strength as steel tubes at only one-third the weight.
    • Durability.  Aluminum tubes have demonstrated resistance to a variety of environmental factors, including corrosive substances and ultraviolet radiation, in the applications in which they have been used.
    • Flexibility and ease of fabrication.  Because aluminum is available in a variety of alloys with different properties, aluminum tubes can be processed by several different manufacturing processes – including extrusion, drawing, welding, etc. – to suit the requirements of different applications.
    • Non-combustible.  Although aluminum melts at about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it does not burn or release potentially harmful gases.
    • Energy saving advantage.  Due to the high electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum tubes, aluminum tube piping for electrical and heat transfer systems exhibits extremely high heat transfer efficiency.
    • Recyclability. Aluminum is highly recyclable, typically up to 90% recyclable.

    Aluminum tubes export value to manufacturers and end users in a wide range of industries for their applications and use scenarios, such as excellent strength-to-weight ratio and excellent compression and support characteristics, more sophisticated welding technology compared to other metal materials, excellent bending properties of aluminum tubes, easy installation and transfer, etc.

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