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HD METAL M represents and promotes Aluminum Brazing sheets of DYG-UACJ, introducing advanced technology and management concepts to the automotive heat exchanger industry. High Strength Aluminum Clad alloy and the thinner products are widely used for Aluminum Clad fin, Header plate, Side plate and Welded tube alloy stock for Automotive heat exchangers.

Leading Brazing Aluminum Alloy Technical

Automobile weight reduction leads to improved fuel consumption and helps reduce CO2.

• We select from our diverse library of alloys the optimal combination of core materials and brazing materials that will suit the environment in which they will be used and the needs of each particular customer, and combine them into products.

• We develop highly reliable aluminum materials by determining the alloy’s brazing material and cladding ratio, a diffuse interface due to the metallic composition of the core materials, and using flow control to form highly reliable joints.

• To ensure that heat exchangers have high corrosion resistance, we determine the brazing material’s compatibility with the material to which it will be attached (fin materials or tube materials), decide on the alloy to be used as the core material, its metallic composition and optimal tempering.

Brazed clad Aluminum alloy

Aluminum Brazing Product Advantages

For Automotive heat exchangers

We are able to offer full range Aluminum Brazing sheet for
heat exchangers, clad fin, clad sheet, clad strip, tube stock and kinds of welded tube.

Full Range

Covering all clad plate, strip, fin & non-clad fin and tube material of heat exchanger,such as Evaporator, Condenser, CAC, Oil-cooler etc.

Unique product

MONOBRAZE fin by UACJ R&D, the one kind of Non-Clad fin that can replace Clad fin.

High Performance Products

Three layers with
cladding materials
for radiator, evaporator.
Four layers, five layers
clad materials.

Thin Bare Fin

Patented product
High post-brazed strength, good conductivity
Good sag-resistence under high temperature
Helping customer reduce cost of raw materials substantially

Thinner Products

  • 0.2-0.26mm B-tube material
  • 0.0475-0.07mm thick bare fin
  • 0.07mm thick clad fin

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