We are able to offer full range Aluminum Brazing Alloy for Heat exchangers,

Clad Fin Stock, clad sheet, clad strip, tube stock and kinds of tube.

Full RangeCovering all clad plate,strip,fin & non clad fin and tube material of  heat exchanger,

such as,Evaporator,Condenser,CAC,OilCooler,etc.

Unique productMONOBRAZE Fin,by UACJ R&D,one kind of Non-Clad fin that can replace Clad fin.
High Performance ProductsThree layer with high-strength,corrosion-resistance cladding materials for radiator,evaportor;

Four layer , five layer clad materials.

Thin Bare FinPatented product

High post-brazed strength,good conductivity

Good sag-resistence under high temperature

Helping customer reduce cost of raw materials substantially

Thinner Products0.2-0.26mm B-tube material

0.0475-0.07mm thick bare fin;

0.07mm thick clad fin


Non-Clad fin

  • Main Alloy: 3003, 3Y33,3Y33A,3Y34A, CF30
  • Temper:H14,H16
  • Thickness:0.0475-0.16mm
  • Application: Radiator, Heater core, Laminated evaporator, CAC, Oil cooler


  • Main Alloy: Q3003P, Q17A1, Q171
  • Temper:H14,H16
  • Thickness: 0.07-0.12mm
  • Application: PE evaporator, Condenser
  • Advantages
  1. High post-brazed strength, good conductivity
  2. Good sag-resistence under high temperature
  3. Helping customer reduce cost of raw materials substantially

Clad plate

  • Main Alloy: Q119, Q1109, Q1109S, Q110F7, Q3109T8
  • Temper:O
  • Thickness:0.4-3.0mm
  • Application: Water tank, intercooler, oil cooler, evaporator
  • Advantages: Superior performance on machining performance and corrosion resistance

Tube alloy

  • Main Alloy: CC3003MOD, Q119, Q111, Q15T1
  • Temper:H14,H24
  • Thickness:0.21-0.40;0.30-0.50mm;1.13-2.08mm
  • Application: Radiator welded tube, CAC welded tube and Condenser collecting tube
  • Advantages: High strength corrosion resistance with competitive cost


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