We are able to offer full range Aluminum Brazing Alloy for Heat exchangers,

Clad Fin Stock, clad sheet, clad strip, tube stock and kinds of tube.

For Automotive heat exchangers
Full RangeCovering all clad plate,strip,fin & non clad fin and tube material of  heat exchanger,

such as,Evaporator,Condenser,CAC,OilCooler,etc.

Unique productMONOBRAZE Fin,by UACJ R&D,one kind of Non-Clad fin that can replace Clad fin.
High Performance ProductsThree layer with high-strength,corrosion-resistance cladding materials for radiator,evaportor;

Four layer , five layer clad materials.

Thin Bare FinPatented product

High post-brazed strength,good conductivity

Good sag-resistence under high temperature

Helping customer reduce cost of raw materials substantially

Thinner Products0.2-0.26mm B-tube material

0.0475-0.07mm thick bare fin;

0.07mm thick clad fin

Brazed Clad Aluminum Alloy For Heat Exchanger

Non-Clad fin

  • Main Alloy: 3003, 3Y33,3Y33A,3Y34A, CF30
  • Temper:H14,H16
  • Thickness:0.0475-0.16mm
  • Application: Radiator, Heater core, Laminated evaporator, CAC, Oil cooler


  • Main Alloy: Q3003P, Q17A1, Q171
  • Temper:H14,H16
  • Thickness: 0.07-0.12mm
  • Application: PE evaporator, Condenser
  • Advantages
  1. High post-brazed strength, good conductivity
  2. Good sag-resistence under high temperature
  3. Helping customer reduce cost of raw materials substantially

Clad plate

  • Main Alloy: Q119, Q1109, Q1109S, Q110F7, Q3109T8
  • Temper:O
  • Thickness:0.4-3.0mm
  • Application: Water tank, intercooler, oil cooler, evaporator
  • Advantages: Superior performance on machining performance and corrosion resistance

Tube alloy

  • Main Alloy: CC3003MOD, Q119, Q111, Q15T1
  • Temper:H14,H24
  • Thickness:0.21-0.40;0.30-0.50mm;1.13-2.08mm
  • Application: Radiator welded tube, CAC welded tube and Condenser collecting tube
  • Advantages: High strength corrosion resistance with competitive cost


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