HD METAL M offers a wide range of Rolled Aluminium products, while own production capacity, we maintain cooperation with domestic first-class manufacturers.

(1050 1060 1070 1100 1235)

Series 1000 are essentially pure Aluminum.With excellent work ability,high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and weld ability. Series 1000 are widely used in products with low strength processing,including Industrial parts, fin-stock, decorative and household applications, name plates, etc.

(2A12 2014 2A11 2A14 2017 2A17)

The 2XXX series is Al-Cu alloys with high strength and fatigue resistance. It is widely used in Aircraft structural components,especially under the wing and fuselage structure,and parts for the transportation industry.

(3003 3004 3104 3105 3005)

Series 3000 is Al-Mn alloys ,this is the most widely used of antirust Aluminium.Mainly used for fuel tanks, petrol or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers and other small load parts made of deep drawing.Other used for cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, decorative trim, awnings, siding, storage tanks, chemical equipment ,ship materials where slightly higher strength than Series 1000 is required.

(4045 4343 4004)

Series 4000 is an aluminum alloy with high silicon content. Low melting point, good melt fluidity, easy to feed, and will not make the final product brittleness, so the alloy is mainly used to manufacture aluminum alloy welding additive materials, such as brazing plate, electrode and wire.

(5052 5005 5754 5083 5086 5182)

Series 5000 is high magnesium alloy.With good strength, corrosion resistance, cutting well in the non-heat treatment alloy. Excellent work ability,excellent finishing characteristics with bright, clear anodize coatings.

(6061 6063 6082)

Series 6000 is the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminum alloys with excellent formability, weldability, machinability, medium strength and good operability after annealing. Used for engineering and structural applications, boats, furniture, Truck bodies and frames, Running boards.

(7050 7075 7175 7055)

Series 7000, Al-Zn-Mg-Cu superhard aluminum alloy. It is strong with high strength and has good fatigue strength and average machinability, but has less resistance to corrosion than many other Al alloys.

(8011 8021 8006 8079)

Series 8000 generally called Other Aluminium Alloy. It has similar performance with Series 1000, but the internal malleability is better. Widely used in heat-sink device, lid stock, aluminium foil, Air-Condition foil.


Product Type

  • Aluminum Plate
  • Aluminum Sheet
  • Aluminum Coil
  • Aluminum Strip


  • F
  • O
  • Hxx
  • Hxxx
  • Txxx


  • Work hardening
  • Annealing
  • Heat treatment

Surface finished

  • Embossed
  • Coated
  • Powder
  • Mirroring
  • Mill finish

Size Range

Plate6.0 – 260800-30001000-30000
Sheet0.2 – 6.050-28001000-12000
Hot Rolling Coil2.0-121050-2900 C
Cold Rolling Coil0.150-2650C

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