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Aluminum roofing & wall system

Aluminum roofing & wall System

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Aluminum roll jacketing

Characteristic Painting Aluminum

As one of the earliest companies engaged in the R&D and production of Painted aluminum sheets in China, we not only lead the international standard in the Painted Metals with PE and PVDF for architectural decoration, and also continuously devote ourselves the new type Painted Aluminum sheets service to high-end & leading niche markets.

Coating line

Why does our Painting technology stay ahead?

Independent R&D painting line

According to the process characteristics specialty products, independent research and development of painting equipment.

Painting Method

1 painting & 1 baking

2 painting & 2 baking

3 painting & 3 baking

Commonly used Aluminum alloy for Painted Aluminum sheets are:




Thickness range of Pre-painted Aluminum sheets:

0.2mm – 3.0mm

We unwavering selection of Aluminum Coil & Strips with excellent surface quality determines the finish effect of high-quality Painted Aluminum sheets.

A wide variety of paint for your choice

PVDF25-459-60Excellent weatherability, chemical resistance and electrochemical corrosion, acid, alkali, salt and most organic materials.Construction, consumer goods, vehicles, ships, aerospace, industrial insulation and new energy, etc.
PVDF King30-5091Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with super weather resistance. After 4000h artificial accelerated aging of the coating, there is no powdering 0 grade, and the discoloration grade is 1.Construction, architecture and indoor decoration, ship and warship, electric insulation, etc.
PE18-205-90Low viscosity, easy wetting, high hardness of cured painting, high gloss, full and bright paint film, strong adhesion, excellent electrical properties, good physical and mechanical properties of the paint film, especially toughness, wear resistance, good strength and impact & scratch resistance.Architecture and indoor decoration, home appliances, electronic products, automobiles, etc.
Epoxy3-10>20Strong adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, thermal stability and insulation.Architecture, chemical industry, food packaging, ship and warship, electric insulation, etc.

PE coating Vs. PVDF coating

PE color-coated aluminum coil products are made of the polyester coating through the precision roller baking process. The color is beautiful, diverse, the choice is convenient, the impact resistance, and the processing is easy. All the properties meet or exceed the relevant national standards. Products are widely used for interior decoration, ceiling buckle, roof tiles, wall panels, advertising signs, counters, home appliances, furniture, car body cruise ships, and other interior and exterior decoration.

PVDF color roll aluminum coil series is made by professional roller coating and baking processing from the coatings of AkzoNobel, PPG, Nippon, Bakers Industries, and Valspar. PVDF coating polyvinylidene fluoride resin is the main raw material, the maximum electronegative performance of fluorine atoms forms a very stable high bond energy fluorocarbon bond, coupled with a unique symmetric molecular structure, our products have excellent weather resistance, excellent UV resistance, long-lasting corrosion resistance, under normal outdoor environment, it can maintain good color and gloss for more than 20 years; at the same time, due to its wear resistance, impact resistance, and high toughness, our products have excellent machinery Processing performance. PVDF color aluminum plate is the first choice material for high-end decorative building materials. Its processed products are widely used in curtain walls and interior decoration of city landmark buildings such as airport high-speed rail, subway, sports center, convention and exhibition center administrative center, star hotel.

Painting Color

Standing color schemes for your choice

Customize the color for you according to the RAL No. or design you provide.

RAL Code

White Matte
Black (Flat)
Black Gloss
Pepsi Blue
Chevron Blue
Caution Yellow
Orange Purple
Extreme Green
Light Gray
Bronze Clear
Metallic Platinum
Bone White
Bright Brushed Clear
Bright Brushed Gold
Bright Clear (Mirror)

RAL Code

Packing and Delivery

Eye to sky

Eye to sky

Eye to wall

Eye to wall

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