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Characteristic Painting Aluminum

As an industry leader in color painted aluminum since 2003, we at HDM take pride in our innovative approach. We were the first to achieve a 2mm pre-painted aluminum coil in China, and our products are primarily used for high-grade decorative color aluminum applications.
HDM not only sets the international standard for painted aluminum sheets and coils with PE and PVDF for architectural decoration, but also continuously provides polymer coatings (PolySurlyn) for painted aluminum sheets in high-end and leading niche markets.
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Capacity and Product Abilities

Available Alloy
Available Alloy
Aluminum Strip Thickness
0.22 – 3.5mm
Max 2000mm
Surface treatment
Surface & Coatings
Coating Thickness
Painting Method
2 painting & 1 baking
2 painting & 2 baking
4 painting & 3 baking

Painted Aluminum Coil Stocks and Sheet For Your Applications

Our colored coated aluminum coils of 0.22-3.5mm and painted Aluminium sheets thicker than 3.5mm, widely used for Roofing, Ceiling, Wall Cladding (interior & exterior), Insulations, Aluminium Sandwich Panel, Aluminium Composite Panel, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel, Guttering, Roller Shutter, Home Appliances, Electronic Products, etc.
HDM’s painted aluminum sheet finishes are unique in design, providing a hard, abrasion-resistant coating and a smooth surface while allowing flexibility for a wide range of forming and fabrication. In China, you won’t find a brand of painted aluminum sheets that is more versatile yet stronger than HDM.

Color Coated Aluminium Coil For Your Architectural

Metal roofing and wall systems typically use aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloys (3004/3104/3105) due to their lightweight, moderate structural strength, weather and corrosion resistance, and ease of welding processing. They can have a lifespan of up to 50 years.
Types of metal roofing
Aluminum Metal Roofing & Wall System
Painted Aluminium for Exterior & Interior Decoration

Painted Aluminium Coil & Roll for Insulation

Metal jacketing is used in insulated systems for hot and cold pipes, tanks, ducts, vessels and equipment to save energy, prevent surface condensation, prevent contact burns, etc.
Inspired by the leading technology in North America, HDM is the leader in China to coated polymer materials combined with Aluminum coil, to produce the Aluminum jacketing for insulation.
Insulation System
Aluminium Jacketing

Painted Aluminum for Electronic Products

HDM has innovatively developed pre-coated aluminum coils and aluminum sheets for use in capacitor products. Aluminum coil coated with a polymer layer have excellent heat dissipation performance when used to make electrolytic capacitor shells, reducing weight while ensuring a long service life.
Electrolytic Capacitor Materials
Electrolytic Capacitor Materials
Power battery soft package materials

Painted Aluminium sheet for Packaging

HDM uses alloy pre-rolled coatings such as 3105, 5042, 5052, and 8011. The products have a uniform coating and extremely strong adhesion, fully meeting the packaging needs of various types of food and medicine.
Spray Valve Cap
Aluminum Cover Materials
Aluminum Bottle Caps

What makes HDM to be the Top Runner of
Color Painted Aluminum Industry

Production lines

Coating Lines
4 sets
Slitting Machines
3 sets
Cutting Machines
4 sets
Laminating Lines
2 sets

Annual Capacity

Pre-painted Aluminium Coils/Sheets
100,000 Ton
Film Laminated Metal Coils/Sheets
40,000 Ton
Solid Aluminium Sheets
600,000 SQM


According to sources from Japan, the pre-treatment continuous multi-coating multi-baking production line represents the global leading standard in aluminum sheet coating equipment. The resulting product quality is stable and reliable, making it an advanced example of domestic coating technology.


Since 2003, we have been the earliest enterprise in China to use roller coating for painting aluminum sheets. We have accumulated rich experience in actual production over a long period of time.

Raw Materials

Unwavering selection of aluminum mother Coil from stable and guaranteed quality manufacturers. Aluminum flat coil with excellent surface quality determines the finish effect of high-quality coated aluminum coil.


Pre-treatment chemicals used are Henkel and Kemitel from Germany.
The paint is produced by PPG, Valspar and other companies with a fluorocarbon content of more than 70%.
Due to its stable molecular structure, the FC coatings has a strong UV resistance and weathering resistance, which can be guaranteed for more than 20 years at a certain coating thickness.

Package Method for your choose

Eye to Wall
Eye to Sky

All our coated aluminum coil and painted aluminum sheets can be supplied with branded protective films on request.

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Find Out Coatings For Your Projects







25 - 45

9 - 60

Excellent weatherability, chemical resistance and electrochemical corrosion, acid, alkali, salt and most organic materials.

Construction, consumer goods, vehicles, ships, aerospace, industrial insulation and new energy, etc.


30 - 50


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with super weather resistance. After 4000h artificial accelerated aging of the coating, there is no powdering 0 grade, and the discoloration grade is 1.50

Construction, architecture and indoor decoration, ship and warship, electric insulation, etc.


18 - 20

5 - 90

Low viscosity, easy wetting, high hardness of cured painting, high gloss, full and bright paint film, strong adhesion, excellent electrical properties, good physical and mechanical properties of the paint film, especially toughness, wear resistance, good strength and impact & scratch resistance.23

Architecture and indoor decoration, home appliances, electronic products, automobiles, etc.


3 - 10


Strong adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, thermal stability and insulation.

Architecture, chemical industry, food packaging, ship and warship, electric insulation, etc.

Color Charts

Standing color schemes for your choice
RAL Code
Customize the color for you according to the RAL No. or design you provide.
RAL Code

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What’s the difference, PE VS PVDF coating?

PE coatings

PE color-coated aluminum coils are produced by applying polyester coatings using a precise roller-baking process. The resulting colors are diverse, beautiful, and easy to choose from while also being highly impact-resistant and easily processed. All properties meet or exceed relevant national standards.
HDM PE Painted Aluminum sheets are versatile and can be used for various interior and exterior decoration purposes, including home appliances, furniture, car bodies, cruise ships, and more.

PVDF coatings

The PVDF-coated aluminum coil series is created using professional roller coating and baking processes with coatings from AkzoNobel, PPG, Nippon, Bakers Industries, and Valspar. With polyvinylidene fluoride resin as the main raw material, the PVDF coating has excellent weather and UV resistance due to the maximum electronegativity of fluorine atoms that create a stable high bond energy fluorocarbon bond. Our products have a unique, symmetric molecular structure and aluminum sheets with PVDF also have long-lasting corrosion resistance. PVDF-coated Aluminum can maintain good color and gloss for over 20 years under normal outdoor conditions.
HDM PVDF-painted aluminum sheets are highly durable and tough, making them ideal for machinery processing. They are the top choice for high-end decorative building materials and are widely used in the curtain walls and interior decoration of city landmark buildings such as airport high-speed rails, subways, sports centers, convention and exhibition centers, administrative centers, and star hotels.
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