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HD METAL M concentrate more on Painted Aluminum coil for high-end & leading niche markets.

Characteristic coating

High precision aluminum coil strip as the base material, through a special process and apparatus for composite “fluorocarbon King” , PolySurlyn(DuPont@) special coating and other polymer composites.

Used for insulation, corrosion and decoration in high-end packaging, construction, petrochemical, electronic industries.

Advanced Technical

Independent R&D equipment

According to the process characteristics specialty products, independent research and development of coating equipment.

Independent R&D coatings

 “Fluorocarbon King”coatings:

References Daikin technology, independent research Tetrafluoro-resin coatings.

  Super weather, high gloss, non-toxic harmless.

Result of salt spray testing:

  • No powder, Class “0”
    90% Gloss Retention rate
    “First class”Discoloration grade

 Polymer Composite materials:

Based on PolySurlyn(DuPont) coatings, self-developed deployment.Obtain 8 national patents and German VDE certified.

  • Polymerized by unique production process.
  • Excellent with low temperature impact toughness,wear resistance, scratch resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. Excellent melt strength (no break under melt), good elasticity, hardness and high stress crack resistance and high insulation properties. Materials can directly heat composite on the metal surface for modification, corrosion protection, insulation protection.

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