Coated metal for Packaging


Alloy: 8011,3105,3005,5052,5182,5042,5082,5754 , etc..


Specifications: 0.3~0.6mm


Category of main products

Product category  Alloy Temper Product category Alloy Temper
Drug bottle cap 1100 H46  H48 Beer cap 5052 H48
8011 H46  H48 3104 H48
Anti-theft cap 8011 H46  H48 Spray valve cap 5052 H44
Can and cap 3005 H44  H46 5754 H42
3105 H44  H46 Two and three-

piece can ends

5052 H48  H49
3104 H46  H48 5182 H48  H49
5052 H44  H46 3104 H48  H49
1100 H46  H48 5082 H48  H49


The products have uniform and excellent adhesion film and they can satisfactorily meet the requirements of all types of food and drug packing enterprises.

Application for

pop-top seal cover, 2-pieces/3-pieces can ends and tabs, aluminum food cases, and drug packaging

Other food and drug packaging:

coated metal for packaging-01
coated metal for packaging-02
coated metal for packaging-03
coated metal for packaging-04


(please include grade/alloy, size, tolerance, specifications, edge, finish and other important material information)

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