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Painted color aluminum sheet for metal roofing

HD METAL M can supply pre-painted aluminum sheet or coil with customized colors and paints for many different types of aluminum roofing and wall.
High-precision aluminum metal selection and excellent coating process enable us to meet the different needs of customers.

There’s one goal in our mind–To provide customers with products that exceed requirements and help customers realize their imagination.

Al-Mg-Mn alloy(3004/3104/5754) pre-painted Aluminum coils & sheets are often selected for metal roofing and wall systems. With light weight, moderate structural strength, weather-resistance, water logging tolerance and easy welding.

We unwavering selection of Aluminum Coil & Strips must be produced by DC route with tension leveling, which with excellent surface quality determines the finish effect of high-quality Painted Aluminum sheets.

Available alloy

3004 (AlMn1Mg1)

Chemical composition

Alloy Chemical composition(%)
Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Al Other
3004 0.30 0.70 0.25 1.0-1.5 0.8-1.3



0.25 remain 0.15
3104 0.60 0.80 0.05-0.25 0.8-1.4 0.8-1.3 / / 0.25 remain 0.15
5754 0.40 0.40 0.10 0.50 2.6-3.6 0.30 / 0.20 remain 0.15

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper Thickness Tensile strength(Mpa) Yield strength (Mpa) Elongation



(in each °C)

3004 H24/H26 0.5-1.3 220-265/
≥170/190 4/3 23 X 10-6
3104 H24/H26 0.5-1.3 220-265/
≥170/190 4/3 /
5754 H32/H34 1.0-2.0 220-260/
≥140/160 8/5 /

Tolerance (mm)

Thickness Width
450~900 900~1400 1400~1800
0.7~0.9 ±0.02 ±0.06 ±0.08
0.9~1.1 ±0.05 ±0.08 ±0.10
1.1~2.0 ±0.10 ±0.10 ±0.13

Pre-Painting Fabrication technology

Pre-painted Tech.  Surface Reverse Coating thickness Service life Gloss ( Gardner)
2 layers paint PVDF king Chromate coating or epoxy varnish 25-30 μm ≥ 20 years 20-40 units
3 layers paint PVDF king Chormate coating or epoxy varnish 35-45 μm ≥ 30 years 40-60 units
uniform color and gloss durability, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, good powder resistance.
Back coat
suitable for bonding with any surface and has good corrosion resistance.
PE protective film
thickness 60-80um.

Standing color schemes for your roofing metal.

RAL Code

White Matte
Black (Flat)
Black Gloss
Pepsi Blue
Chevron Blue
Caution Yellow
Orange Purple
Extreme Green
Light Gray
Bronze Clear
Metallic Platinum
Bone White
Bright Brushed Clear
Bright Brushed Gold
Bright Clear (Mirror)

Customize the color for you according to the RAL No. and CBCC China architectural color card GB/T18922-2002 or design you provide.

RAL Code

What metal roofing types of products are suitable for the
pre-painted aluminum coil & sheet we supply?

ACP panel

Corrugated metal roofing

Standing seam metal roof

Stucco embossed roofing

Cedar embossed roofing & wall

Types of metal roofing

Processing instruction

The pre-painted aluminum strip can be processed by cutting, stamping, milling, etc., and can also be bent to form. For fear of the aluminum surface coating damage during processing and installation, a white, UV-protective film can be attached to surface. In order to avoid cracking of the board base during processing, the minimum inner bending radius(2.5T DIN5520) and minimum processing temperature(20°c) should be strictly followed.

Aluminum metal roofing installation instruction

In order to ensure the consistency of color and gloss, the aluminum materials produced in the same batch should be installed in the same direction.

Metallic paint plates must be installed in the same direction, and ordinary paint products are also recommended to be installed in the same direction.

The product mark is printed on the protective film, and the arrow represents the direction of painting.

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