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Main Alloy: 3003,3004,5754


Width: ≤1600mm

Coatings:PE,PVDF, Fluorocarbon Kingcoat, ARS

Product category: simulated granite, marble, gold wire like- wood grain, stereo hand feeling wood grain

Application For

ACP, honeycomb panel, thermal insulation board, suspended ceiling, furniture and Roofing and Curtain System.


Simulated granite,marble,gold wire like-wood grain,stereo hand feeling wood grain.

Real object and stereoscopic sensations,vivideffects,cleartexture,stable and wear resistance. Light weight, safety and not easily fall off.

Color Designs
CoatingsStandardWarranty life
Polyester coatAAMA26035-yearwarranty outdoor
Fluorocarbon KingcoatAAMA260430-year warranty outdoor
PVDF coatAAMA260520-year warranty outdoor


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