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    By constantly catching up with the world’s advanced technology and digging deeper into the real needs of clients, HD METAL M has become a leader in high frequency welded tube manufacturing in China.

    Our welded tubes are widely used in automotive, cold and heat exchangers, air separation equipment, power generation, off-road/heavy-duty and military fields.

    Among them, our patented products achieve the performance of weight reduction, cost reduction and anti-corrosion, such as Dimpled welded aluminum tubes for aluminum radiators and Dimpled folded tubes for plate-fin heat exchangers.

    Our welded tubes are guaranteed to have full weld seams, no oil stains, crush injuries or dents on the surface; no solder deposits on the weld seams and no cracks on the end face.

    Independently developed flexible mould and a regular large inventory of different strength tube alloys allow us to quickly provide you with a wide range of tube sizes and customize tube solutions to meet your unique tube needs.


    Our Products



    Annual Production Capacity

    4 Welded Tubing lines —— 2,000 Ton

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Stamping / Punching
    Off-line Cutting

    Additional Capabilities

    Consultative design assistance
    Consultative materials selection

    Tube Type

    Oval Aluminum tubes
    Folding Aluminum tubes
    Hourglass Aluminum radiator tube
    Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
    Aluminum Round pipe



    Specifications & Tolerance

    Minimum Strip Thickness


    Width & Length



    ProductCodeSectional Dimension Tolerance/(mm)
    Height ACrown BEnd Diameter CCorner Radius ROut Diameter DThickness t
    Flat – Oval Aluminum Radiator TubeR××± 0.05± 0.10± 0.05± 0.03± 0.01
    Flat – Oval Aluminum Oil Cooler TubeO××± 0.05± 0.10± 0.05± 0.02
    Aluminum Charge Air Cooler Rectangular TubeC××± 0.05± 0.25± 0.05± 0.05± 0.02
    Round Pipe for CondenserP××± 0.25± 0.05
    LengthLength Tolerance
    < 1000± 0.5
    ≥ 1000± 0.1

    Service & Features

    Technical Features

    Increase tube strength and reduce weight
    Increase the turbulence of the fluid

    Additional Services Provided

    Mother tubes stock
    Off-line cutting

    Lead Times

    Quoted on Job by Job Basis
    Emergency Services Available


    Wooden case reinforced with iron bars
    General carton for short tubes


    Automotive application

    Flat oval Aluminum Radiator Tubes
    Aluminum Rectangular Tube / Intercooler Tubes
    Oil Coolers Tubes
    Condenser Tubes
    Folding Tube for Plate fin heat exchangers

    Industrial applications

    Dimple folding tube for Plate & fin heat exchangers
    Air compressor
    Special tubes for garden and forestry, sports and adventure
    Tubes for Grill
    Tubes for flagpole

    Custom Tube Solutions For
    Demanding Applications

    01 |

    Speak with Specialist

    At this initial stage, application, performance requirements and drawings of Aluminum welded tubes should be promoted on the basis of mutual understanding and learning.

    02 |

    Define key parameters

    According to the preliminary communication from the initial stage, HDMETALM will create a material specification with your tube’s properties.

    03 |

    Trial Order+Evaluation

    Using the specification as a guideline, HD METAL M will process customized Tube in R+D quantities for initial evaluation.

    04 |

    Feedback & Follow-up

    Based on feedback of the initial trial order, our product team will work with you to confirm final specifications. A unique part number will be created, ensuring the Aluminum pipe is processed the same way every time.

    05 |

    Transfer to Production

    With a dedicated team of engineers, product managers and customer service staff to support you, HD METAL M will bring your product to market with our industry-leading commitment to quality.

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      What is the Welded Aluminum Tube?

      Tubing line

      The full name is high frequency welded aluminum tube, abbreviated as HFW tube.
      Welded tube is made by using the skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency current to rapidly heat the edge of the pipe billet to the welding temperature for extrusion and welding.

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        What are the factors affecting
        the welding quality of HFW Tube?

        In recent years, with the development of HFW welded pipe technology, its application area is expanding, except for the main use in HVAC&R and heat exchange, and it is increasingly used in the fields of oil pipe, boiler pipe and civil products, etc. Compared with seamless pipe, HFW welded pipe has a weld seam, and the performance of HFW welded pipe depends largely on the quality of the weld seam, so the quality of the weld seam becomes the most critical issue in the manufacturing process of HFW welded tube

        Aluminum Tube-stock alloy

        Aluminum Tube-stock alloy. Mother strip of Aluminum tube-stock alloy is the primary factor affecting the quality of the welding,

        • the chemical composition of Aluminum tube alloy
        • segregation
        • inclusions
        • ribbon organization
        • sickle bend
        • plate edge burr

        can affect the quality of the weld seam.

        Welded Aluminum Tubing1

        The key to the forming process is to ensure that the welding into an “I” shape or a small “V” shaped butt, to avoid the V-shaped too large or inverted V-shaped butt (as shown in the figure).

        “I” shaped butt is the ideal form of welding, when the inner and outer walls of the aluminum tube contact at the same time, the temperature of the inner wall is higher than the temperature of the outer wall;

        V-shaped too large, resulting in the temperature difference between the inner and outer wall is too large, resulting in welding defects;

        inverted V-shaped butt because the outer wall of the aluminum tube first contact, will cause the slag can not be smoothly discharged, resulting in excessive slag in the weld.

        High frequency welding process.

        The welding process of welding temperature, welding speed, extrusion amount, opening angle and other factors directly affect the quality of the weld.

        Welded Aluminum Tubing2

        Heat treatment process.

        Heat treatment is generally used online medium frequency weld heat treatment, heating temperature above the Ae3 line 50-100 degrees Celsius, can get fine grain ferrite + pearlite organization, thus improving the toughness.

        The quality of HF Welded Aluminum tube is the result of multiple factors, and only through comprehensive and strict control of the above factors can the quality of the welded seam be guaranteed and high quality welded tube be produced.

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